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Atlanta, GA

Fuqua’s plans at Glenwood Place contradict and violate development guidelines outlined in the Atlanta BeltLine Masterplan.

More in Atlanta, GA

The same developer is facing more opposition. After community outrage on a proposed development by Jeff Fuqua, Atlanta City Council to defer its decision on a proposed Walmart in Buckhead . The vote is a defeat for the city’s planning department, which recommended approval, and a victory for Buckhead residents who oppose the project as it’s currently designed

Here’s an older article , but it shows how this developer says the same thing in whatever city he is trying to build his developments. He is always standing there with his hand out for government money.

 Boulder, CO

Here’s one that will make you say, “What the heck?”. Walmart may be using deceptive practices to build a store in Boulder ( Daily Camera article here ).  Boulder’s Mayor and City Council claim not to know what’s happening.

New York

Here’s a great story about how Walmart’s withdrawal from  Brooklyn shows that when people join together, even the world’s richest retailer is no match.

Charlotte, N.C.

If you believe the supplied traffic studies by the City of Denver show that there will not be a substantial increase in traffic on Colorado Boulevard, read the results of what happened to a neighborhood after Walmart opened .

Hanska, Minnesota

If you have a strong constitution, read this Undercover Investigation Reveals Extreme Animal Cruelty At Walmart Pork Supplier . Hidden-camera footage reveals pigs being slammed against concrete, mutilated, beaten, and intensively confined. The hidden cost of Walmart’s cheap products is blatant animal abuse. Can’t the largest retailer in the world put pressure on their suppliers?

Burbank, CA

A court-ordered injunction issued against a planned Walmart in Burbank could force the city to prove Walmart wouldn’t cause significant harm to local roadways and businesses.

Southern CA

Here’s an amazing story about Walmart Warehouse Workers Pilgrimage who walked more than 50 Miles To Protest Working Conditions. These warehouse workers are used to tough conditions and physical labor and it was too much for them. How bad would it have to be to make you walk 50 miles and risk everything?


Chicago warehouse workers  said, “We are tired of retaliation and threats every time we speak up about working conditions and other abuses,” They have a great story and a lot of courage.

Los Angeles China Town

Read how several thousand people, led by a banner that read “Walmart= Poverty,” marched through Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles in July  to fight the giant retailer’s plans for a neighborhood grocery store and the chain’s low-end wage scale and non-unionized workforce.

Here’s another great article about the L.A. protest.

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