Calling All Faithful: National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath is March 13-16

On March 13-16, faith communities across the country will participate in the National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend. More than 50 national faith denominations and organizations are urging congregations to pledge participation at

Participating is as easy as incorporating a prayer, hymn, reading or educational activity into your already planned service. We know that in the six states where comprehensive gun violence prevention laws exist, there has been a significant decrease in gun violence. The problem is that many people don’t know about these success stories and may be starting to lose hope. We can’t let that happen!

Your participation can help recommit your congregants to the cause and educate them that gun violence prevention laws do save lives.

For event ideas and sample materials, visit .

For questions, contact Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence through

For outreach resources to inform your faith community:Â