Coaching with Angela

Angela offers private coaching for parents in our central Berkeley teaching studio or by phone. These sessions are designed to teach you the listening tools in a way that is tailored to you, or to address a specific challenge in your family.

Sessions are also supportive of a deeper connection between you as a couple.

Angela offers support for parents who are co-parenting, helping them negotiate co-parenting agreements and the best way for co-parents to communicate.

Feel free to contact Angela to see how coaching can support you and your family.

Coaching prices go down if you commit to a series of coaching sessions (though the scheduling is flexible).

  • One time coaching session: 125
  • A series of six sessions: 600
  • A series of twelve sessions: 900
We are sorry for the hassle, but paying for the sessions and make an appointment are two separate things.

Please pay first and then email Angela to set up the appointments.

I very much look forward to working with you,


Angela has been helping my co-parent and myself for many months now. Our daughter is now 1 year old. We are in a very non traditional situation- co-parenting an infant, Some of the challenging issues we are making progress on with Angela’s help are: how to get our child to sleep better; helping us help our daughter metabolize her emotions; how to move forward as co parents in a functional way despite challenges communicating and getting along; clarifying our agreement as co parents around time and money; this is only a partial list–she has been literally a godsend to us. Angela is knowledgable, dedicated. compassionate, highly skilled, and very capable. Her range of talents are diverse. Angela has been by far the most helpful person we have worked with–she is a fabulous parent educator- but calling her a parent educator is too limited of a label–she has worn the hat of educator, but also, counselor, mediator, sleep consultant and much more with us.. We are blessed to have her help, and I can guarantee you will be too.
Yari Mander ,