Mississauga mayoral candidate Steve Mahoney is gratified that his Blueprint for an Even Stronger Mississauga is proving to be such a compelling policy vision for the future of the city that his main opponent, Bonnie Crombie, appears to be adopting it as her own platform.

Released in June after extensive consultations with Mississauga residents, stakeholders and the Mahoney campaign’s advisory committee, the Blueprint is a comprehensive policy platform that charts a path forward for the city to hold the line on property taxes, strengthen its transportation network, build a strong entrepreneurial class to create local jobs, and build a world class waterfront.

The Blueprint has been well received. So well received, in fact, that Ms. Crombie, who has yet to release her own comprehensive policy platform and vision for Mississauga, appears to be adopting planks of the Blueprint for an Even Stronger Mississauga wholesale as her own – albeit with substantially less detail.

“We’re pleased that Ms. Crombie recognizes the value of Steve’s experienced leadership, which is the product of his extensive career serving the people of Mississauga as a councilor, an MPP, an MP,  a cabinet minister, and a successful small businessman,” said Mahoney Campaign Chair Quito Maggi. “We hope her support for Steve’s policy vision will continue when he begins to implement his Blueprint as the next Mayor of Mississauga.”

The following table details how Ms. Crombie has progressively adopted Steve’s vision and plan for a stronger Mississauga.

“This campaign is about who is ready to lead the day after the election,” said Maggi. “Steve is running because he feels very strongly that we need experienced leadership to build an even stronger Mississauga. We simply cannot put the future of the city into untested, inexperienced hands.”

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