Meetings: Bellevue-Hale, Colo. Blvd. Healthcare District

Two meetings for interested people to learn more, network, get involved, and block this Walmart!

below is the notice sent along fr

Bellevue-Hale Neighborhood Association, Tuesday, Aug 28th, 7-8:30 PM

We have scheduled a Bellevue Hale Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, August 28th from 7-8:30 pm  to provide updated information on the 9th & Colorado Redevelopment Project.  The Berean Bible Church at the corner of 14th and Birch has graciously agreed to host our meeting in their sanctuary.  We will have representatives at the meeting from Walmart and Fuqua Development, and we hope to also have representatives from the City of Denver as well.
This is an informational meeting which is being scheduled for our Bellevue Hale neighbors who have been unable to attend the Health Care District Meetings at 4pm  because of scheduling conflicts.  We will not be taking a vote or a position on any aspect of the development.  If you have been able to attend the Health Care District Meetings, it is likely that you will have heard much of the information that will be shared at our meeting.
We have reserved the church only from 7-8:30 pm ; this will be a short meeting and we do not intend to make this a platform for public commentary.  Because of time constraints, we will try to have a short question and answer period at the conclusion of the agenda with only about 15 minutes set aside for this purpose.
We are encouraging people to use the October 4th  Health Care District meeting for public comment - and let this meeting be simply to share information with those whose schedules preclude attending afternoon meetings.
There is no parking lot at this location, so we are encouraging people who live nearby to walk to the church.  Others will need to park on the street.
We will also be sending this same message via our Bellevue Hale Member e-distribution list, so we apologize in advance for your possibly receiving duplicate messages.
Thank you.
Laurie Bogue
President, Bellevue Hale Neighborhood Association