With citizens of Mississauga paying the final instalment of their 2014 property taxes this week, mayoral candidate Steve Mahoney released his plan for ensuring those hard-earned tax dollars are spent judiciously on core services and that the city holds the line on property taxes within the rate of inflation.

“There’s only one taxpayer, and they’re already stretched thin. As your Mayor, I am committed to working with Council to hold the line on property taxes within the rate of inflation,” said Mahoney. “How do we get there? Well, it will take setting clear priorities and stretching every dollar given to us by taxpayers.”

As part of his Blueprint for an Even Stronger Mississauga , Mahoney has pledged to make every taxpayer dollar count by:

  • Holding the line on property taxes within the rate of inflation;
  • Conducting a core services review of all City services and programs to ensure efficiency of service delivery and identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Establishing a Blue Ribbon Panel with experts from the private and non-profit sectors to provide advice on getting value for money for City services and look at ways to improve service delivery using technology and partnerships; and
  • Implementing participatory budgeting to give citizens a direct say in how City resources can best be spent for the betterment of their communities.


“Mississauga faces serious financial challenges, and tackling them will take experienced leadership, and a mayor ready to begin working for the people of Mississauga on day one,” said Mahoney. “The next mayor has no time for on the job training. I have the experience, I have the plan, and I will work hard to ensure taxpayer dollars are respected.”