Organize Your Life

Dear parent,

I want to live in a world where parents can connect fully with their kids. Connected kids thrive. We know that, but we feel guilty all the time, because we are so busy and don’t have quite enough time to spend with our children.

I want you to have peace of mind so you can make that connection.

So often, when we do have time to spend with our children, we are distracted. There are so many things pulling on our attention all the time. And we cannot let our minds fully hone in on our children. We are afraid that we will forget some important thing. Or rather, forget those 30 to 40 things that you have on your mind.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have a life where you keep track of all the things that you need to, without keeping it all in your head all the time.

That is why I’ve created a special class called “Organize Your Life.” It will help you create a system that fits in your life, a system with which you can keep track of all those things that distract you when you really want to play. Or read. Or hug. Or say “I love you.”

This is a three week class. I hold it on the first three Sundays in November—I want to do what I can for you to have this down before the holidays and the New Year.

The class will cost $195.

I do need to tell you that you will be doing work at home in between classes. You may not implement the full system, but you should count on a couple of hours of work at least, so that you can get a real vision of what this work can mean for you in your life.

The class will be limited to 8 people so that we can give adequate attention your individual situation. This is not a cookie cutter system that you will be learning. With my guidance, you will create an approach that works in your life.

I can’t wait to see you there,