Howdy to y’all fellow homeowners!

Welcome to EmptyLightHome. My name is Marjorie Reeves and you guessed it – I am what many of you would consider your typical Texas woman. Tough, hardworking, nurturing, and all about family, fun, and country music.

Marjorie Reeves & Her Kids

A mother of two beautiful children, I am blessed to have lived a fulfilling life. I have a loving husband, two daughters & one son (who can sometimes be a handful), a thriving business and a dream home that my husband and I bought as a fixer-up project some 20 years ago.

As my husband owns a roofing company, he has always been quite the handyman. I myself have always had a deep interest and love for home decor, design, and aesthetics.

When we got married and bought our first house back in the late 1990s, it was in a dismal state. What attracted us to our future ‘home’ was the location and more importantly, the area of land that we were getting for the price at the time.

Thus began our first all-out renovation project. In 3 years, using the money that we had saved up, we transformed the dilapidated two-storey home into what we considered to be our dream home – modern and elegant with lots of light and outdoor space!

This was by far our biggest and toughest renovation project as it involved almost everything being redone. The flooring, the patio, the roofing, the plumbing, the electrical wiring, the kitchen, the toilets, and many of the walls, windows, and doors had to be either repaired or replaced.

Don’t forget the massive lawn and garden area, which looked like a jungle when we first arrived. It had to be completely dug up and redone.

Let’s just say that it was a ton of work! But once we were done, we were simply ecstatic with the results. And not just us! Soon we had people from all over town calling us up for ideas and estimates on various home renovation projects. Very quickly, this turned into a full-time business.

Having worked in the home renovation industry for some 20-odd years and on countless home improvement projects, I thought that it was time that I shared my expertise, skills, and ideas with the rest of the world so then you too can build the home of your dreams.

There are many things that can go wrong even in what might seem to be a simple renovation project. With the right know-how, one can greatly reduce those chances and work towards building the perfect home.

I hope y’all enjoy reading my blog posts & my guest blogger’s contribution as much as I love writing them. May they be a source of inspiration and knowledge to homeowners striving to achieve their dreams.


Marjorie Reeves