Axl Goode is an exotic dancer in Dallas, Texas at the world famous LaBare. He entered the industry two years ago after Randy "Master Blaster" saw a picture of him and asked him to come to the club. After meeting all the other dancers and witnessing the brotherhood they had, he was welcomed in with open arms. Pun intended as it was the first act they made him do on the main stage.

At first he went by the stage name Austin LaBare, the name he was given by all the dancers, however changed it after a year to reflect a more personal image of himself. While at LaBare, Dallas he has been inspired to learn the art of aerial silks, where he performs them nightly. He has also performed at numerous night clubs in the DFW area.

After working at the club for eight months he signed on with Ellora's Cave Publishing as a Caveman model. While there he has been featured on numerous book covers which can be seen in the Ellora's Cave album. After attending Romanticon in 2013 he was so inspired by all the writers he met, Axl wrote his first book titled Primal Desire .

Axl is featured in the documentary made about LaBare, Dallas titled "La Bare" directed by Joe Manganiello. In the movie he is featured as Austin, since it was filmed in the early stages of his career. The movie is available for digital download on iTunes.

As a full time male dancer and writer, Axl has very little time for recreational activities but when he is able to sneak away he enjoys a multitude of things. Axl is an avid reader and aficionado of life hacks. His current areas of study are building a mind palace and speed reading. Hailing from Arkansas, he loves the outdoors having grown up on a farm.

He drinks bullet proof coffee in the morning and eats an exorbitant amount of dark chocolate.