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“Martha Stewart meets reality in ‘Happy Homemaking.’ With a humorous tone and personal stories, Elyssa Andrus and Natalie Hollingshead teach the basics and the bonuses of caring for home and family. I found my homemaking-challenged self relating to the authors and wanting to implement the recipes and suggestions immediately. No guilt — just good ideas that take into account the larger families and time demands of ambitious LDS women.”

 – Jeanette Bennett, owner and editor of Utah Valley Magazine and mother of five

“If there is one thing I’ve learned as the host of  lifestyle television show, it’s that all women have a deep desire to create a happy home. And this book is proof you don’t have to be named “Martha” to make that happen! ‘Happy Homemaking’ offers a fresh, focused look at the skills that will bring out the domestic diva in all of us. The art of homemaking isn’t dead. In fact, it’s desperately needed. And this book celebrates that!”        Â

– Brooke Walker, Host of KSL-TV’s Studio 5

“What an amazing compilation of information for the new homemaker!  Everything I ever learned from my mother is packed into a concise book of easy and fun reading. Elyssa and Natalie have a gift for presenting everyday things with joy and humor. This is  ”common sense” reference book that will make every young homemaker wise beyond her years.”

– Mary Crafts-Homer, owner of Culinary Crafts, Utah’s premier catering company

“I LOVE this book!  ‘Happy Homemaking’ by Elyssa Andrus and Natalie Hollingshead is an excellent reference for everything from laundry, to financial planning, to cooking a chicken.  Unless you live in a cave these tips make it easier to enjoy a comfortable, clean, well-managed household.  Whether you live alone or have thirteen children the authors break down the specifics into simple steps so anyone can successfully create an atmosphere of happiness in the home.  I discovered hundreds of shortcuts and “smarter” ways of doing things, including ways to safely store water in used soda bottles, the necessity of a rubber mallet, how to save on groceries, and which soil type produces the best tomatoes.  I’m keeping this book on the counter with a highlighter.”

– Tres Prier Hatch, TV chef and author of “Miracle Pill 10 Truths to Healthy, Thin, & Sexy.”Â

“This book needed to be written. So many of us are wrestling perfection to be amazing mothers and homemakers while we work full-time jobs to support our families.  Figuring out a balance in both, while not losing our minds channeling Martha herself, is the biggest challenge of them all.”

– Allison Czarnecki, founder and editor at


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