What You Can Do

For Starters, Start by contacting your City Council Member, and the two At-Large members (Ortega and Kneich). Then contact Mayor Hancock.

KEY TALKING POINT: Walmart, Fuqua Development and their local hired operative, Marcus Pachner of The Pachner Company, should not receive ANY PUBLIC SUBSIDIES to accomplish their task if imposing a hugely unpopular Walmart at the 9th & Colorado redevelopment. This includes a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district designation, which must receive City Council approval. Ask the council members to commit to a no vote for any TIF request from Walmart/Fuqua/Pachner.

Here is the contact information:

Please contact all of the following:

Mayor Michael Hancock 720-865-9000 milehighmayor@denvergov.org

City Council District Map – http://www.denvergov.org/denvermaps/documents/Council/CouncilDistRepresentatives.pdf

At Large – Robin Kniech 720.337.7712 kniechatlarge@denvergov.org

At Large – Deborah Ortega 720.337.7713 OrtegaAtLarge@denvergov.org

District 1 – Susan Shepherd (Northwest) 720-337-7701 susan.shepherd@denvergov.org

District 2 -Jeanne Faatz (Southwest) 720.337.2222 jeanne.faatz@denvergov.org

District 3 – Paul D. López (West) 720-337-3333 paul.lopez@denvergov.org

District 4 – Peggy Lehmann (Southeast) 720-337-4444 peggy.lehmann@denvergov.org

District 5 – Mary Beth Susman (East) 720.337.5555 marybeth.susman@denvergov.org

District 6 – Charlie Brown (SouthCentral east) 720-337-6666 charlie.brown@denvergov.org

District 7 – Chris Nevitt (SouthCentral West) 720-337-7777 Chris.Nevitt@DenverGov.org

District 8 – Albus Brooks (Dtwn and Northeast) 720.337.8888 albus.brooks@denvergov.org

District 9 – Judy Montero (Dtwn and Northwest) 720.337.7709 judy.montero@denvergov.org

District 10 – Jeanne Robb (Central) 720.337.7710 jeanne.robb@ci.denver.co.us

District 11 – Christopher Herndon (Northeast) 720.337.7711 christopher.herndon@denvergov.org

Consolidated email list if you only have time to send one email:
milehighmayor@denvergov.org; kniechatlarge@denvergov.org; OrtegaAtLarge@denvergov.org; susan.shepherd@denvergov.org; jeanne.faatz@denvergov.org; paul.lopez@denvergov.org; peggy.lehmann@denvergov.org; marybeth.susman@denvergov.org; charlie.brown@denvergov.org; Chris.Nevitt@DenverGov.org; albus.brooks@denvergov.org; judy.montero@denvergov.org; jeanne.robb@ci.denver.co.us; christopher.herndon@denvergov.org;

6 thoughts on “ What You Can Do

  1. There should be neighborhood groups and contacts listed on “who to contact to Stop Walmart”. Many of my neighbors including my self want to be involved, but there seems to be no solid group managing a fight against the mayor and Fuqua. I went to demonstration at 8th and Colorado last week and we held signs and talked to people during rush hour. Many people stopped to ask where to get signs, how to get involved, etc. This should be a regular occourence. There were list to sign and petitions, I signed them all but have heard nothing. I spoke to Zoe, Mary and Louis and let them know myself, my husband and neighbors want to be involved. It feels like time is running out, especially after the article in the Glendale Chronicle. We are not hitting hard enough to make a difference on this issue.

  2. A Wal-Mart is the worst use of this space i can think of for our neighborhood. Go look around at many other Wal-Mart locations and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anymore small businesses left in the neighborhood. Wal-Mart comes in, asks for & gets millions from us to fund their development and on return, kills local small businesses, offers wages their employees cannot live on and practically non-existant health bebefits. Additionally, The traffic on Colorado Blvd is already congested, which a Wal-Mart would greatly increase. Mayor Hancock should be ashamed for supporting this “Wal-Mart takeover” !

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