10 Exciting Indoor Games for Your Next Event

10 Exciting Indoor Games for Your Next Event

Hosting an event with friends and family is an excellent opportunity to bond and create memories. While socializing is the main objective, engaging indoor games can take your gathering to the next level. Here’s a curated list of 10 exciting indoor games that will brighten up any event and hold everyone’s attention.

Before the fun begins, make sure to send out unique and custom sleepover invitations to set the tone for the event and generate excitement. You can find a variety of invitation ideas and inspiration online to suit your theme and add a touch of personalized flair.

1. Pictionary

Add artistic flair to the party with Pictionary, a game where participants draw pictures of assigned words or phrases while their teammates try to identify them within a set time limit. Break the group into two teams and take turns drawing and guessing.

2. Indoor Bowling

No need to head to the bowling alley when you can create your own indoor version at home. Arrange empty water bottles or plastic cups on the floor as pins, and use a soft, lightweight ball to start rolling. You can also make the game more challenging by using varying sizes and shapes of containers as pins.

3. Charades

Charades is a classic game that involves acting out a word or phrase while others try to guess what it is. It requires minimal setup and can be easily adapted to fit any group size or age range. To play, simply divide the participants into two teams, and take turns acting out words or phrases for their team members to guess within a set time limit.

4. Who Am I?

This guessing game involves assigning a famous person or fictional character to each participant, usually written on a piece of paper or an index card. They must then guess their assigned identity by asking other players yes or no questions. This can spark engaging conversations and lots of laughter as players struggle to find out who they are.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

Catch your friends or family members in a lie with this game. Each person shares two true statements and one false statement about themselves. The other players must guess which statement is the lie. This game sparks interesting conversations and helps participants know more about each other in the process.

6. Taboo

In Taboo, participants must describe assigned words or phrases without using certain ‘taboo’ words listed on a card. Players pair up, and one member of each pair must guess what their partner is describing. To make things more interesting, add personalized taboo words that relate to your friends or family.

7. Murder Mystery

Organize a thrilling murder mystery game where participants assume assigned roles, and the goal is to unmask the ‘murderer’ among them. This game does require some prior preparation, as you’ll need to have a scenario and characters ready beforehand. There are many free murder mystery scripts and ideas available online to help you set the scene.

8. Silent Disco

Turn your gathering into a dancing extravaganza with a silent disco. Participants wear headphones, each playing their own choice of music, and dance to their tunes. It may look like utter chaos, but it’s a unique, fun way to get the party started!

9. Movie Trivia Night

For film enthusiasts, a movie-themed trivia night can be a fun way to test knowledge and share favorite movies. Create categories like movie quotes, soundtracks, or famous actors, and prepare multiple-choice questions. Split the group into teams, and see who knows the most about films!

10. Board Game Marathon

Gather a variety of board games, from classics like Monopoly and Scrabble to more modern options like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Set up different stations around the room for each game, allowing guests to choose what they would like to play. This great idea keeps everyone entertained while catering to different tastes.


Adding engaging, interactive indoor games to your next event is sure to bring more excitement, joy, and memorable moments. With these 10 game ideas and the thoughtful addition of personalized invitations, your gathering can have something for everyone, making for an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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Kaylee Ellen, a degree in Hotel Management has been a professional organizer and cleaning expert for over 10 years, where she helped homes and offices achieve the aesthetic look without compromising on functionality. She has been writing about transforming homes through organization and cleaning techniques in various blogs. She joined our team as a freelancer recently, bringing her practical knowledge and innovative methods to our readers. Kaylee is also an accomplished yoga practitioner who advocates mindfulness daily.

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