Lawn maintenance can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time, budget and tools to maintain it. Many homeowners and property developers prefer artificial lawn grass over natural grass. The natural grass needs regular watering, fertilizers, retouches and mowing to keep them in good shape. Unfortunately, everyone can’t do that, especially in the drought-prone areas where water is in lower supply.

Artificial grass is similar to natural grass in look and feel, and many won’t recognize the difference. Synthetic turf is made with durable materials and does not require maintenance like natural ones.

If you want to spruce up your area with some greenery, here are three benefits of artificial turfs that you must know.

1. No maintenance

Every homeowner dreams of a lush green lawn. It’s pleasing to the eyes and looks magnificent as part of the decor. But in reality, it is a nightmare to maintain a natural lawn. You have to water them regularly, or they dry and start losing the deep green colour. Lack of nutrients in the soil and soil quality plays a crucial role in its growth. You might have to use fertilizers to keep the lawn green. In other words, you need to invest your time, energy and money to do that.

However, there is an easier way to have green turf coverage without any maintenance work. Artificial grass requires no maintenance to keep it in the best shape. You don’t have to water or add fertilizers to keep it green. It stays lush green for years. You only need to clean the turf once in a while to remove dust and debris.

2. No more water puddles

One of the major problems with natural lawns is the water puddles that form due to water leakages and improper irrigation. In such cases, the water puddles on the lawn affect the grass quality and consistency. Moreover, no one likes to step in a puddle of water and mud while walking on it. However, you don’t have to deal with this problem if you install synthetic turf.

The ground is rolled and smoothened out by the installers before installation. That way, they get a smoother surface which avoids grooves and gaps in the turf. The irrigation channels also help to drain excess water and prevent the puddles from forming.

Now, if you’re planning to use the grass like artificial putting green as an example, that would be a different issue.

3. No grass stains

Kids and pets love to play on grass, and walking barefoot on the grass are also therapeutic. But if you’ve come across a freshly cut lawn, you must have seen pets and kids getting covered with mud and green grass stains. It would be a nightmare to remove those stains from the clothes.

Since no soil or grass is needed to cut, synthetic turfs do not cause grass or mud stains. That means your kids and pets can roll and play in the grass without fearing stains. You won’t have to deal with stubborn stains, significantly reducing the laundry cost and effort.

Artificial grass is undoubtedly a perfect choice if you want green grass coverage and don’t want to deal with the problems that come with natural grass. You can also find plenty of options in the grass type for specific areas like playgrounds, rooftops, patios and gyms.


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