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5 Tips to Getting the Decor Steals Look at Home


Decor Steals is the place to go if you want a unique home decor shopping experience! From farmhouse to vintage style, there’s something here to suit just about any taste in design.

With eye-catching displays, this truly is a one-stop shop for inspiring ideas and beautiful pieces. It’s no wonder many customers spend far more time browsing than they originally intended!

But what if you can’t afford to buy items from Decor Steals? Don’t worry – I’m here to show you how to get the look right at home with five amazing tips guaranteed to bring that special Decor Steals vibe into your house. Get ready to be inspired as your home transforms before your eyes!

A Signature Fragrance is Essential for your Home

A signature fragrance in your home is essential to get the Decor Steals look. Decor Steals this well, as they often burn their now iconic Citrus and Sage scented candles near the store entrance. This universal smell draws you in and can help create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

If you love the smell, don’t worry – Decor Steals has all sorts of Citrus and Sage scented candles for you to buy and use in your own space to get that same atmosphere in your home.

Style Fluidity is Your Friend

Style fluidity is the way to create your Decor Steals look at home. By mixing two styles – traditional with modern, rustic with boho – you can achieve the Decor Steals magic in your living space. Yasmin, the CEO, advises that you don’t have to stick to one style; mixing both can create something unique.

For example, don’t be afraid to pair a classic Liberty print pillow with rustic and clean lines furniture or add an English club chair on an abstract modern rug. This creates the perfect blend of styles that works harmoniously in any home setting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling up your space for that perfect Decor Steals look!

Found Pieces Add Soul

Found pieces are what give any home Decor Steals-style soul and personality. Visual merchandisers know that for a store to feel unique, it must incorporate one-of-a-kind vintage finds with character. To make this possible, a global buyer at Decor Steals searches the world to locate large, distinctive cabinets, tables, mirrors, and other fixtures you can’t find anywhere else!

These found pieces add an exclusive touch to your house if you have the budget to purchase them. Despite their unusual size and rarity, decor steals offers these pieces at affordable prices.

But another great way to get that Decor Steals look is visiting flea markets or thrift stores for secondhand items with similar aesthetic characteristics – these can be much more affordable! With found pieces in your home, you will surely add extra pizzazz and make your space unique.

Appreciate the Beauty of Everyday Objects

We often overlook the beauty that exists in everyday objects around us. At Decor Steals, they’ve taken this appreciation to the next level, creating amazingly unique and beautiful decorations using simple items like bread ties and cupcake liners. This kind of display looks amazing in a vase on a coffee table or even as a garland hung over a bed frame for a little girl’s bedroom.

Even materials from hardware stores like paint stirrers can be used creatively to make something interesting – for example, cool hangings with painted sticks spotted on Decor Steals website.

If you have some inspiration and creativity, you can recreate something amazing using everyday items! So why not give it a go and play around with materials from your local hardware store – who knows what amazing creations you’ll come up with in the end!

It’s All in the Details

When decorating your home, it’s all in the details. As Yasmin from Decor Steals points out, switching out those hardware accessories can make a difference. If you’re looking for extra touches that will take your interior design skills to the next level, pick up some fresh flowers and put them in a cute vase – Decor Steals has plenty of stylish options.

For dinner parties, stock up on Decor Steals’ pretty entertaining pieces. The store offers a plethora of small items like Bowls and baskets, so you can find something special even if you’re on a budget!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out Decor Steals’ website – they have tons of unique finds perfect for statement pieces or gifts! With these tips in hand, your home decor will amaze everyone who steps through your door!

Chelsie, holding a degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, has been transforming spaces with her unique aesthetic since 2015. She first showcased her talent at a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, specializing in contemporary art installations. Before joining us, she worked extensively in the Los Angeles art scene, collaborating with upcoming artists. Beyond design, she enjoys pottery and traveling, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.

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