There are many reasons why you should improve the outdoor portion of your living space. For one, your outdoor living space provides your family and friends with more room to spread out. A patio or deck offers an alternative dining area, while landscape chairs and coaches give you a spot to relax or enjoy the surroundings.

But aside from entertainment and relaxation, having a well-designed outdoor living space can boost your mental and physical health. For instance, when you’re outside, you can get vitamin D from sunlight and enjoy the fresh air. Also, a lovely outdoor space can make the whole experience much better if you love cooking or gardening.

Hence, read on for five ways to make your backyard more appealing, enjoyable, and practical.

Invest in outdoor lighting

If you want to add ambiance to your home’s exterior while boosting its value, especially if you intend to sell the property, you should consider installing outside lighting. Today, most homebuyers prioritize homes with outdoor light fixtures as they make the space safer, enabling one to spend more time in the backyard.

Consider investing in dramatic uplighting on trees and high focal points. You could also install lights on steps, walkways, or pathways to boost visibility and safety and sconces and pendant lights on the grilling or entertainment points.

On the other hand, if you want to save money on your outdoor lighting, think about using LED lights, as they’re more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Not only that, they also have low maintenance requirements, making LED outdoor lights a significant investment.

Build an outdoor fireplace

You do not have to stay away from your outdoor living space during colder months. Consider investing in an outdoor fireplace or pit to keep your family and friends warm in colder seasons. A fire pit is also a fabulous outdoor space’s focal point.

Moreover, having an outdoor fireplace can be perfect for entertaining. It can be the best way to encourage your family and visitors to gather outside to chat and socialize. If you love cooking, a fire pit in your outdoor living space can be an excellent addition for cooking purposes. Just grab a marshmallow or hotdog and enjoy a fun roasting night with your loved ones over the open flame of the fireplace.

Aside from cooking, you can also use an outdoor fireplace as natural lighting. The flame from the wood-burning fire pit can serve as a light source during night gatherings. That said, there can be many reasons to add a fireplace to your outdoor area.

However, there are various fire pit options, making choosing the right addition to your space challenging. Contact Malone’s Landscape contractors to help you pick the right fireplace design for your backyard.

Add greenery

An effective way to enhance the feel of your backyard is by injecting a shade of green. Thanks to their visual effects, high-quality outdoor plants and flowers add character to your backyard. When choosing the right plants for your, you should:

  • Consider your landscape, and determine the number of hours of direct sunlight your yard gets, the lighting conditions, and the wind.
  • Evaluate how much money and time you are willing to dedicate to maintenance
  • The quality of your location’s soil
  • Research the maturation size of the plants before purchasing

Install a water feature

Investing in a water feature provides your space with a relaxing and refreshing feel. You could install a waterfall or a fountain that features a single stream in a small, sunken backyard. If you have sufficient backyard space and enough capital, you could opt to invest in a backyard swimming pool. A pool gives your family a place to relax and cool off during summer while boosting your home’s value.

Add a variety of seats

Be sure to include various seating options, including chairs, lounges, stools, and benches for entertainment and comfort purposes.To maximize space and convenience, consider getting foldable beach chairs that are portable and easy to store when not needed. You could even hang a hammock to lazy about on a hot Sunday afternoon. You do not even need to have spaced trees to hang your hammock.

Consider purchasing a hammock stand or attaching it to your pergola. If you have limited landscape space, you could invest in chairs and benches that double as storage spaces for planters and garden tools.

Thankfully, many online furniture suppliers like Fine Design Hagemøbler offer a comprehensive outdoor furniture collection. Whether you need a garden sofa, chair, lounge, or bench, these furniture shops may have the items you want. So, check these shops online to explore your options.


Creating a perfect outdoor living space does not have to be costly and complicated. Implement the above strategies to create a backyard that enhances comfort and feasibility.


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