When you live in an apartment, it can be tough to infuse some personality into your space and make it feel truly homey. But with a few strategic decoration ideas up your sleeves, it’s completely doable.

Whether you’re a first-time apartment renter or a long-term dweller seeking to make your apartment look picture-perfect, we have some wonderful news for you.

In this guide, we take a look at six interior design ideas inspired by some of the best apartments in New York City. Feel free to steal them to create a polished home that truly reflects who you are.

Swap out your furniture

With statement sofas, chairs and tables decked out to create focal points, what prevents the space from feeling voguish? Go for pieces with vibrant styles and hues (millennial pink is a yes). The idea is to create a unique space that you’ll love to call your home.

Worried that your furnishings would shrink the little square footage available in your rooms? Stick to designs with multi-purpose functions to reduce the space they occupy in your rooms. An elegant sofa with an in-built side table would free up your floor space while maintaining personality.

Finally, install wall-mounted items to keep the design scheme a tad light and airy.

Use floating shelves

Floating shelves are the way to go when it comes to New York apartment interior design. With floating shelves, you don’t have to worry about making the room feel cramped.

Floating shelves take up less space compared to full cabinets. Moreover, they’re often raised off the floor and anchored to a wall, supported by brackets. Therefore, it’s easy to customize the look of the vignette without creating holes in your apartment walls.

There are different types of shelves available, including wood, metal, and plastic shelves. No matter what you choose, shelves give a space an airier, more open feel.

Say yes to Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the best alternative to the marble that’s become way too common these days. Terrazzo flooring looks fun, young, and visually stunning.

Color transitions and design can give guests an immediate and lasting impression. Plus, you can use terrazzo to showcase a variety of themes or offer navigational cues throughout the apartment. Terrazzo accents can also be used in the bathroom to breathe new life into the space.

On a tight budget and can’t afford terrazzo? Sheathe a bath in terrazzo wallpaper rather than investing in a whole terrazzo floor.

One thing you will love about terrazzo is that it’s non-porous and easily cleanable. With a damp mop and neutral cleaners, you’re all set to do the cleaning.

Embrace monochromatic color schemes

The trend we see in modern New York apartments is monochrome spaces. This is where one basic color forms the foundation of the room’s color design. Then different tints, tones, and shades of that color accent the space.

There are no other colors present. While you can use gray or bright red or orange color, blue appears to be New Yorker’s perfect color when embracing a monochrome design. Blue tones of all kinds looking clean and elegant and can produce a soothing effect.

For a more pleasant look, add subtle gold and wooden accents throughout the space and incorporate an abundance of art—prints, paintings, sculptures, and more.

Layer patterned rugs

Layering rugs is an instant way to brighten up a room and add warmth and comfort. There is no limit to what rugs can do to a room—from dividing a room to creating a theme and more. You can’t go wrong with placing a small patterned rug atop an existing, larger piece.

A whimsical or colored rug on top of a larger floral one can create a theatrical feel and enhance a room’s décor.

One thing is for sure: rugs come in all shapes and sizes and colors. So you can choose the ideal rug that serves as the perfect complement to your space.

Hang plants

No matter the size of your apartment, hanging plants can bring a sense of beauty and serenity to your home. Usually, New Yorkers put them on the front and side of the house to elevate the aesthetics of the house. However, you can also hang them inside the house to provide cool air and beautiful scenery.

It turns out that the benefit of hanging indoor plants goes beyond the curb appeal. Filling your space with greenery can help improve breathing, relieve nasal congestion and block out noise.

Whether you’re planning to put your home on sale or just spruce it up, plants can create a visual interest that will turn heads.

Do you have more apartment decoration ideas to add? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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