Everyone wants a smooth-sailing, stress-free, and speedy moving process. It becomes quite a challenge though as there are hundreds of logistics to consider. It’s not an impossible dream though.

A chill moving experience is possible. It will all boil down on the preparations that you would make. If you’d be fully prepared, you can even cut your moving process period in half.

To help you do that, we’d enlist the eight important factors that greatly affect the speed of any moving process. If you’d get to fully consider and plan for each, it’s possible for you to finish your moving process in half the time that you expected.

But in truth, how long does it usually take to finish a moving process?

On average, you need to dedicate at least five to six weeks when moving. Considering the following factors carefully can allow you to finish it in less than five weeks:

Factor #1: Your Lease

Before even planning to move, the first thing that you need to consider and check is your lease contract. Check if moving on your desired schedule will conflict with any agreement on your contract.

Normally, a lease contract would require a 30-day notice to your property manager once you’ve finalized that you want to move. Some lease contracts are extra particular on the manner of sending the notice. Some may even want you to send a notice on the first or final day of the month.

To ensure no complications, do check your lease contract meticulously. Not having your lease contract honored can cause unnecessary delays. To avoid such, the first thing that you should consider should be your lease contract.

Factor #2: Your Destination

The duration of your moving process can be shorter or longer depending on where you’re moving to. Naturally, if you will be moving across different states, you will need additional weeks to figure out inter-state logistics.

This will also be affected if you’d move on your own or you’d choose to work with a moving company. If you’d move on your own without professional help, you would need an average of 15-20 days to finish the moving process.

Factor #3: Your Moving Boxes

The number of moving boxes that you will need will greatly affect the length of your moving process. Naturally, it will take you longer if you have more to pack. To lessen stuff that you need to move, you can opt to do some decluttering before packing. Donate, give away, or sell items that you will no longer need.

Decluttering will also be beneficial once you move into your new place because you’d significantly have more space. You’d also get to truly figure out things that are important and necessary for you and your family.

If you have a lot of items and you think you’d need help with packing and unpacking, you should check out quick and affordable removalists in Port Hedland.

Factor #4: Your New Address

To avoid delays and hassles, you should make it a point to properly and formally change your address before leaving town.

This will ensure that you don’t get headaches from service interruptions, past-due payments, and identity theft. Moving experts recommend that you change your address at least two weeks before your actual moving day.

Factor #5: Your Loading Strategy

You should have a loading strategy. This won’t be a problem for you if you’d choose to work with a moving company franchise as they’d do all the work for you. But if you’d choose to move on your own, you need to be particular with your loading techniques to experience a not-so-hassle and efficient moving process.

Part of knowing your loading strategy is correctly identifying the hours it would take to finish loading. Loading can be done in an hour if you have a small space. It can take more than six hours though if you lived in a big house.

Properly scheduling your loading time will ensure that you experience no delays and road-blocks during your moving process. For easy loading, you should also ensure that all necessary permits are accounted for if you live in a building or community that requires such.

Factor #6: Your Moving Company of Choice

Working with a moving company will make the entire moving process easier for you. If you’re lucky, you can even find one that will pack and unpack moving boxes for you. Such service will take so much load and stress off of you as movers are speedy and efficient in their tasks.

If you’d end up choosing to work with a moving company, work with one that is experienced. Give it a week or two to look for a good moving company. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Always check customer reviews and certifications.

Factor #7: Your Unpacking Process

Unpacking is easier than packing. It will also take much less of your time. To ensure that your unpacking is highly efficient, do the following:

a. Organize your moving boxes

b. Label your moving boxes

If we’re going to be flat-out honest, unpacking alone can take up to two days. Such a period will shorten or lengthen depending on the number of your belongings.

Factor #8: Your Settling Needs

This part of the process is often overlooked. Settling into your new home is part of your moving process.

This is why it’s important for you to prepare separate moving boxes that will make it easier for you to settle in. Dedicate moving boxes for items that you will immediately use on your first night at your new home like food, toiletries, clothes, and blankets. Planning ahead will make settling in easier and speedier.


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