All Welcoming Homes Have These 3 Things

All Welcoming Homes Have These 3 Things

The place we call home needs to exude comfort, and comfort assumes safety. When it comes to your home, having a couch you can sink into for hours isn’t enough for a home to feel welcome.

If you really want the welcome mat outside your front door to live up to its promise, you’ll have the following three things in your home.

1. Hygiene Matters

A home doesn’t need to be spotless or always tidy. It’s OK to be somewhat dishevelled! Life is busy, and we can’t always pick up after ourselves. A home should feel lived in — if it’s constantly immaculate, it could feel too much like a hotel.

However, it should be fundamentally clean. Hygiene means cleaning up food garbage in the kitchen and unseemly messes in the washroom. You also need pest control and safety experts to ensure there are no infestations in your home, now or in the near future.

Leading pest control experts can eliminate an existing infestation or eliminate pest attractants and spray preventative treatments so there won’t be one later.

The best companies use custom sprays you can’t find in your local store containing ingredients approved by Health Canada, so you know they’re as effective as they are safe for pets and the environment.

Your home should show signs of human activity, like scattered toys on the floor. But to be not just welcome but safe, ensuring they’re pest-free is essential. Pests can spread illnesses. More than that, they’re just gross.

2. Light

A dark home is seldom a welcoming one. Ideally, natural light floods your home through well-placed windows, but that isn’t always the case.

If your home has windows on walls facing in different compass directions, you don’t need to do much to brighten it up. If sunlight is mostly a stranger to your home, you have a few options. Mirrors can reflect light and do wonders to amplify what sunlight there is.

Strategically placed lamps or track lighting can brighten a home or create a desirable atmosphere. Ensure the light suits the type of activities you want to do at home. For example, a library and TV room have different lighting needs.

3. Food and Drinks

Nothing welcomes somebody quite like food and beverages! When you’re hosting at home, offering guests food and drink is essential. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of civilization.

It doesn’t need to be posh or expensive (though it can be), but ideally, it’s delicious and plentiful! Any thoughtful kind of treats will be appreciated. When people are in your home, they can’t go hungry or thirsty. Give them a bowl of potato chips or a filet mignon feast. Serve water or aged wine.

You don’t need to bankrupt yourself playing host, but how you stock your pantry and the table you lay out for guests will impact how they feel in your home more than things like interior décor.

Art and architecture change with the fashions, but things like cleanliness, lighting, and the fare guests eat and drink truly make a home feel so welcoming. Bear these things in mind, and people will love being invited over.

Chelsie, holding a degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, has been transforming spaces with her unique aesthetic since 2015. She first showcased her talent at a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, specializing in contemporary art installations. Before joining us, she worked extensively in the Los Angeles art scene, collaborating with upcoming artists. Beyond design, she enjoys pottery and traveling, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.

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