The truth is that a living room is much more than just a comfortable couch and a great entertainment system, contrary to common assumptions. As one of the most used rooms in the home, second only to the kitchen in terms of traffic volume, the living room provides a unique window into the design preferences of the inhabitants. Because the living room serves as the setting for pleasant evenings and private happy hours, it must exude the appropriate atmosphere for the occasion. Deciding the interior decor of a room is often a tough job and hence many homeowners choose NoBroker’s trusted home interior designers in Hyderabad however, it is important to look at different ideas and know what your style and desires are before hiring a professional to execute the ideas.

We’ve selected the most exemplary living room designs ideas using the decor archives to help you discover the inspiration that suits your style.

Pastels in a Variety of Colours are Stunning.

Splashes of colour in modern living room decor work well together. But what if you make a mistake and go overboard? Afterwards, it can seem too similar to the old Bollywood posters. The key is to soften the hues and make them more subtle, where pastels come into play. Pastels are light in tone, and even when contrasted, they never clash with one another. Using them in conjunction with white areas or earthy accents, such as a textured wood bookcase, gives your living room a sharp, clean, and refreshing appearance.

Textured white is a Classic Style

What is it about white that makes it seem like it will last forever? Perhaps it is blank and empty, ready to be filled, which is the most appealing feature. Alternatively, it may be subtle or over-the-top as the user desires. This colour is a fantastic choice for contemporary house decor, whatever the case may be. Furthermore, texture has the potential to include a wide range of visual elements. For example, fake fur pillows in white  add refinement to a room, exposed brick walls or white cabinets appear elegant and welcoming when coupled with delicate gold and pink tones.

Stylish Sofa-seating for a Modern Living Room

There’s something about contemporary living room design ideas for small spaces furniture and their desire to explore that appeals to me. Colourful and glitzy couches are now all the rage in homes after decades of being absent from the visual consciousness of society. Colours out of the ordinary, such as turquoise and cheerful yellows, are transforming the way living rooms appear and feel. Contrasts of this kind are simple to accomplish when using alternating calming color scheme. They also demonstrate your daring and dynamic side, which will reflect in your house.

Designing a Modern Living Room with a Boho-Chic Flair

The term “boho-chic” may refer to various meanings and variations. It might imply a variety of things to various individuals. At its core, the living area exudes a carefree, relaxed, almost ‘me’ attitude that is nearly overwhelming. It’s possible to show off boho-chic in various ways, both casual and well-put-together. Knit and lace furnishings, leather tassels, off-white balanced with bright colours, and mix-and-match chairs and sofas are all great ways to get the look simple. Make your living area seem ‘lived in’ by using a design that reflects your style.

Emphasis on Geometry

It’s astonishing what straight lines and linear forms can do and the sense of order they provide to what seems to be a chaotic environment. By their very nature, geometric patterns are visually appealing to the eye. It creates a motif in and of itself when they are incorporated into the contemporary living room design ideas of the modern area via lamp fixtures, tables, wall hangings, and wall separators. The secret to geometry is never to go overboard, but rather to be subtle, ideally in white and neutral colours, and nearly always as a focal point that draws attention to it.

Bring in the opulent and nostalgic elements.

As much as the focus has been on minimalism and clean living spaces, the same effect may be achieved by including elaborate and vintage furniture. Once again, the key is to avoid going overboard. The furniture in a modern elegant living room design idea does not have to be plain; it may be old furniture offset by minimal surrounding decor. A traditional wall rug surrounded by white furniture or a pair of massive oak couches balanced by a simple textured coffee table are examples of how to decorate with heirlooms. Please make use of old items, but do it sparingly.

Artwork Should Be Included

By keeping all of the living room features simple, clean, and uncluttered, you can concentrate on including additional artwork in the area. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s one of your paintings or a wonderfully designed wall clock, stunning hand-embroidered pillows, or a brilliant, colourful carpet. A living space adorned with artwork becomes a focal point in and of itself.


Modern living is a way of life more than simply a few changes and ideas in interior design and decor. It’s bringing everything together in a setting where you’ll like spending time with family, close friends, and colleagues. If you have some great decors ideas and need to consult the best home interior designers in Hyderabad, you may check the available options at


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