Bring the Outdoors In With Creative Ways to Use Farmhouse Wall Art


Adding the outdoors to your farmhouse decor is a great way to bring a country-chic look into your home. Staples for farmhouse outdoor wall art ideas include aluminum pots and wooden boxes.

You can also use metal wall art. These oversized pieces work well when paired with a white wall.

Wooden Wall Art

Wooden wall art is a great way to add character to any room. Whether creating a farmhouse decor gallery wall or simply adding to a living room, the wooden decor has a rustic appeal that will make anyone smile.

For a more natural look, you can find raw wooden pieces that are naturally colored with no dyes. This is perfect for modern homes and would pair nicely with other decorations.

Another option is to find a wooden plaque with the phrase “HOME.” These are very popular for gallery walls and have a lovely rustic appeal, making them an ideal addition to any home.

If you are a fan of nature, you can also consider wooden wall art incorporating various tree species. This wall art has a playful geometric effect that works well with most contemporary or minimal decor schemes.

Door in the Middle

A barn door repurposed into wall decor is a beautiful way to add a rustic touch to your home’s interior. You can use the door as a wreath or wall vase background to blend it with your interior’s design and make it look more homely.

Window frames, such as mirrored ones, are another simple way to create farmhouse wall art. You can group them for an impact wall or choose one piece to balance your decor on a shelf.

You can also use jumbo-sized clothespin holders instead of traditional hooks to hang towels or other items in your space. They look more unique and can fit any room’s design.

If you want to add extra color to your farmhouse decor, try adding foliage to your gallery walls. It is a great way to fill empty corners and add vibrancy to neutral-colored walls.

Family Pictures

If you’re looking for a creative way to use farmhouse wall art, consider adding family pictures. The photos will bring the walls to life, and it’s something that everyone can relate to.

In addition to family photos, you can include other farm-related items in the decor to make it even more personal. For example, a collage of tractors or hay bales would be a great idea for a modern farmhouse theme.

Another option is to hang a large framed canvas print that features lovely landscapes and animals. It would be instrumental in a living room or dining area.

You can find large canvas prints with names and messages, a convenient way to create a personalized farmhouse decor item you will love.

With our easy-to-use design tools, you can upload your favorite photos, add text and even tinker with the layout until it’s perfect for your space. It’s the best way to customize your decor with an original touch that will be a hit in your home.

Floating Art

Floating art is an excellent way to make your wall decor stand out. It is a great way to display artwork that has a significant meaning or memory for you.

The technique consists of inserting the art print or original into a frame and placing spacers on the back. This makes the art appear to float from the sides of the structure and not directly onto the glass.

This can look particularly stunning with a large-scale piece of artwork. For smaller polaroids or photos, you may want to try another form of floating that doesn’t involve spacers, such as a “sandwich float” (where the paper or print sits between the glazing and backing) or distance float mounting.

Floating wall decor is also an excellent way to use the modern farmhouse style in a room that doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting. You can also place this type of art in a hallway or stairway to add a pop of color and interest.

Chelsie, holding a degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, has been transforming spaces with her unique aesthetic since 2015. She first showcased her talent at a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, specializing in contemporary art installations. Before joining us, she worked extensively in the Los Angeles art scene, collaborating with upcoming artists. Beyond design, she enjoys pottery and traveling, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.

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