Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Installing custom plantation shutters to your home is an investment, adding curb appeal and increasing value. They come in solid wood, vinyl and composite options which are all available in a variety of colours, depending on the style preferences and needs of each room. Other decisions to be made include selecting a slat size and adding upgrades such as hidden tilt rods.

Customizing Plantation Shutters to Suit Your Style and Needs

When selecting window coverings for your home, it’s important that you understand how the materials you select will impact both aesthetics and functionality. That’s why so many homeowners are opting for plantation shutters; these beautiful yet customizable window treatments allow homeowners to control lighting levels as well as privacy levels by simply adjusting louvers. They’re also energy efficient – blocking out summer heat while protecting against winter chill.

Plantation shutters are also great window covering solutions because they easily adapt to multiple shapes and sizes of windows, such as bay windows, arches and wall-to-wall. And custom shutters may even offer the ideal solution if there are specialty windows that cannot be covered by standard options – perfect for bay windows, arches and wall to wall installations!

Adjust them further by choosing how you’d like them opened and closed. Most of our clients opt for standard tilt rods; however, we offer upgrade options such as hidden tilt rods or divider rails to control upper and lower slats separately.

Once you know how you would like your shutters tilted, the next step should be selecting hinges to suit your space and personal preferences. Most of our clients opt for standard white hinges; however, upgraded hardware that complements other elements in their home could also work.

Are you looking to add elegance and sophistication to your new home? Vinyl plantation shutters as seen here may provide just the solution! They’re affordable, easy-to-clean, and becoming incredibly popular in a lot of areas.

This style of blinds can offer timeless classiness to your windows, adding elegance and functionality to any room they are placed in; a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms where light control is important. However, some homeowners can struggle to decorate around them properly, so make sure you look around for like-items so that your room meshes.

Once you’ve selected shutters that best suit your space, it’s time to personalize them further. Choose a colour for both louvers and frames before deciding whether or not the tilt rod will be hidden or exposed; this small wooden bar controls how your slats open or close so this decision should not be overlooked as part of its aesthetics; hidden tilt rods eliminate this requirement altogether and instead allow simple tilts of louvers for control of shutter slats.

Blending Aesthetics and Functionality

When investing in them, your goal should be for them to add an exquisite finishing touch to your interior decor while adding value to your home. However, selecting a colour requires taking more than personal taste into consideration: It needs to complement both decor style and natural lighting requirements as well as ensure durability.

Considerations of material should always be an integral aspect when purchasing them for your home. Many opt for engineered wood such as MDF and composite shutters due to their cost effectiveness; however, these materials often crack and warp due to moisture build-up over time.

Opting for quality hardwood such as basswood or teak provides long-term window treatments with beautiful natural looks that withstand humidity without warping or splitting.

Shutter frames can either be installed inside or outside the window opening depending on how you want your windows to appear. An inner mount may help conceal uneven walls or an unshaded window while outside mounting is better suited for bay or arched window installation.

Selecting the size of shutters is another essential decision to be made. There is a wide range of louver sizes that enable you to control how much or little sunlight enters through them; larger slats tend to work best for large living areas while smaller ones work great in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Plantation shutters also make an impressive room divider, creating visual interest and timeless class in larger homes or studio apartments. These shutters provide peace of mind when used to block out prying eyes of passersby, making them an excellent option for homes that face busy streets or feature large front windows. You and your family can rest easy knowing they are protected from prying eyes when relaxing at home.

Black plantation shutters add a classic, sophisticated aesthetic that complements rich colours beautifully. Classic plantation shutters are one of the best ways to add elegance and sophistication to a room, thanks to their timeless look and durable material construction. Tailored specifically to your aesthetic preferences, they come with various colour and wood grain textures available – perfect for complementing any design vision!

Selecting a shade that complements your bedroom will ensure that shutters become an asset rather than an eyesore. Earthy hues like beige or grey provide a cozy ambience in any space, while darker tones such as mahogany or walnut create an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

For an elegant modern design, shutters featuring an invisible tilt rod may be the answer. This system consists of a steel connector on the street side that is barely perceptible regardless of which angle one looks from and then attached by small screws to each louver slat so when one moves, all others also move in unison.

Install shutter locks and hidden hinges as upgrades to enhance security, especially if there are children living at your residence. They’re also great options for minimalist decors as they give doors the appearance of being hardware-free. Here’s more reason why plantation shutters are great for your home:

Consideration should also be given to what material your shutters will be made from. Although real wood may be preferred, durable faux wood offers an equally effective option at a more affordable cost. Faux wood also works better in humid or wet environments since it won’t become damaged from water exposure or sunlight like real wood would.

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