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The importance of air conditioners cannot be overstated. They help regulate the temperature of any environment they’re installed in and with summer around the corner, things are about to get heated and the only source of relief, especially indoors might be your air conditioner. This is why in this article we will consider common problems your AC might develop and possible fixes.

Before attempting to fix any of the issues we’ll be looking at, ensure you have a Cleburne TX AC Repair technician that you can call on should the need arise. This is important because, while there are a few things you may be able to fix, some will require the attention of a professional.

Common AC Problems

Any electrical appliance is bound to develop problems after extended periods of time; an air conditioner is no different. Below we would briefly talk about common problems you may face. Some of them are easy enough for you to handle without any help while others are not. In any case, it is necessary that you have a clue concerning potential repairs a technician might make.

Water Leak

Homeowners worldwide are familiar with this problem. Water leaks could occur in two places, indoor and outdoor.

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Leaks are pretty easy to miss, especially if the unit is installed at a spot where furniture hinders movement. What gives it away, in the end, is a wet mouldy smell if you have carpets since they will absorb water.

You can also spot a water leak by looking at the wall directly under the AC. In most cases, it would leave a stain on the wall after some time. An indoor water leak doesn’t need to be cause for alarm, sometimes it might just be a clogged outlet pipe. This causes water to flow back to the inside unit.

Outdoor Water

Leaks occur under the outdoor unit if it’s a split unit AC. A window AC would have this occur under the part that protrudes out of the house. No matter the air conditioner type, one thing is constant, a puddle of water on the ground.

But what could be the cause of a water leak? The main thing to consider is that you might have forgotten about the periodic service and maintenance of your appliance. If you had called a technician to service it, chances are they’d have noticed all other problems. For an outdoor leak, it is very common to find an improper installation, broken air filter, leaking seals, etc. to be the cause of your leak.

Air Refrigerant Leak

You’re sitting on your couch trying to catch up on your favorite movie in the summer, but it doesn’t seem like the AC is cooling. The scenario above will be pretty familiar to most AC owners and this is often caused by low refrigerant levels.

Even though refrigerants don’t last forever, they don’t just disappear. What you are faced with is a leak in the channel the refrigerant passes through. It might be a hose or even the housing chamber itself. For a problem like this, unless you’re very sure about what you’re doing, you’ll be better off calling a technician.

When a technician comes, they will look at the refrigerant you have left. In some cases, the leak might not be very serious and all that would be needed is a quick top-up of refrigerant and a patch. If you’re not so fortunate, you might be looking at a complete reworking of your pipe network. Either way, you now know what the technician is expected to do.

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Description automatically generated with low confidenceAC Not Turning On

This is a very common problem; you turn on the AC but nothing happens. Before you put a call through to your technician, why not go through a few things. It is very possible that you have a dead battery in the thermostat. The thermostat uses batteries to operate and if those batteries have no life in them, most air conditioners won’t turn on.

What if you changed the thermostat battery and the AC still won’t come on? Hold on a little as we look at one more thing. A tripped circuit breaker might be the culprit. The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your appliance from irregular electricity charges. In the event that this occurs, it cuts out any power flowing to your AC. Flip the circuit breaker back on and the air conditioner should work.

If you have checked the battery and circuit breaker but the AC still won’t turn on, the situation might be a lot more complex. At this point, you might want to call a technician.

Dirty/Clogged AC Filter

When you’re laid back on your bed, enjoying the sweet chilly air your air conditioner brings, it’s easy to forget one little thing. The air won’t be so fresh if your filter wasn’t blocking contaminants from entering the air. After a long period of time, it is normal for your air filter to get blocked by dust and debris. When this happens, you might notice a reduction in airflow and a foul smell in the air.

This is why it is expected that you clean these filters at least once a month. If you have pets, you might be required to clean them more often because fur is very light and can block the filter. Note that at some point in time, cleaning your filter won’t be enough; you would have to change it.  Click here to learn more about air filters.

It all depends on the weather and how often it is used. Make it a habit to change your filter every 3 months and you should have no problem.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to be informed about the problems that your appliance can develop. Not all of them are serious and you might save a few bucks fixing them yourself instead of calling a technician. On the other hand, ensure you leave serious issues to the experts to prevent further damage to your appliance.


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