Growing up, you might have imagined owning a house for yourself, and your dream house was something you’d always pictured. In your head, you can see a big home theatre or maybe an entertainment room filled with all types of games.

When creating dream houses, you always try to account for things we can do with our friends and families. You build rooms where we can spend our time with them.

Games are the best way to spend quality time with friends and family.

Gaming Tables and Their Different Uses and Types

Games like poker, chess, pool, or any board game are common choices to have fun, especially at home. Plus, these games are easy to set up. All you need is a table. Since not all homes would have the space for a big gaming table, you can start by customising the one you already have. If you’ve always wanted a dining room gaming table, you can transform an ordinary table into a multifunctional one. Here is how to make one for any game night.

Poker Table

Poker tables come in all shapes and sizes. The typical form is the oval table and kidney-shaped one. There are also octagonal and round-shaped tables, which are great for small home games where the games are self-dealt. These shapes take up a lot less space than the oval tables.

Yet, some people find them a bit cramped. Octagonal tables are best if they are multi-use. This shape is also a lot better for board games than the traditional long table.

When it comes to poker, the more elbow room, the better, and there is enough leg room. The size of the poker table you need decides how many players you need it to fit.

You also need to consider the width because you need room for the hole cards, the chips, and the community cards. Another thing to consider is that poker tables have a frame and a tabletop.

The table frame is the structure of the poker table. It consists of a base surface and legs like a regular table.

The tabletop itself consists of the rail and the playing surface. The playing surface is where all the action happens. It is covered in felt or speed cloth.

The rail is the raised and padded armrest around the playing surface. It is covered in padded vinyl or leather.

A racetrack is a second inner border made of polished wood. This is where you can have chip racks and drink holders.

Chess Table

Chess tables can be decorative, well-made, and expensive pieces of furniture. These are tables built with features to make them useful for playing the game of chess.

A chess board is either inlaid or engraved on wooden tables. Two drawers were often provided to hold the pieces when not in use. Cheaper chess tables have the board painted on and have no drawers.

A chess table is not necessary to play chess on and is not restricted only to playing chess. That would only consist of a chess board and chess pieces. The board would have an 8×8 grid. Then There would be 64 alternating-colored squares, 32 light squares, and 32 dark squares.

The size of each individual square is identical, and the board should measure the same on all four sides.

The chess pieces have six different types that are distinguishable by appearance. These are the king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn.

The pieces are usually made of wood, ivory, or plastic. The pieces are always of contrasting colours, commonly white and black.

Board Game Table

You often play board games on dining tables or any flat surface. Aside from the more popular chess, other games would include monopoly, scrabble, Twister, Jenga, snakes and ladders, and many more.

Board games use pieces you placed on a pre-marked board that often include elements of the table, cards, role-playing, and miniature figurines. Sometimes they might involve physical skills and skills that require your whole body to move, like in Twister or using your fingers to remove blocks in Jenga.

Board games don’t have a specific table. Since these games can be bought and played anywhere, most people would play in the comfort of their homes.

It is wise to have a piece of furniture that you can convert into a gaming table. A table like this would have small units for cards, figures, dice, and snack and drink holders. The playing surface can be made of felt or speed cloth or a pleasant polished wooden surface.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a ball game similar in principle to lawn tennis. It consists of a flat table divided into two equal courts. The net fixed across its width is set in the middle. The object is to hit the ball so that it goes over the net and bounces on the opponent’s half of the table so that the opponent cannot reach it or return it.

The lightweight ball is being tossed back and forth across the net by small rackets or paddles.

The rectangular table is simple and inexpensive, and it measures 9 ft in length and 5 ft in width.

Its playing surface is 2.5 ft above the floor. The net is 6 feet long across the table’s width, and the net’s height is 6 inches on top of the playing surface. The ball is made of plastic and may be colored white, yellow, or orange. It weighs about 0.09 ounces and has a diameter of about 1.6 inches. The racket or paddle is made of wood covered with a thin layer of ordinary stippled or pimpled rubber. Each of the two sides of a paddle must be in different colours.

Billiards Table

Billiards is played on a rectangular table with a designated number of small balls, and a long stick called a cue. Billiard tables consist of a bed, a rail, and pockets.

The large rectangular table is more expensive than it is long. It has a bed usually made of polished slate covered by a woven woollen cloth or felt. The rails rim the inner edge of the table, and a hardened rubber or synthetic rubber, also known as cushions, would

The tables have six pockets, one at each corner and one on each long side.

Billiards have a variety of games that are all played differently and have different equipment. Carom billiards is played on a table, usually five x10 ft or 4.5x 9 ft. It has no pockets, and the game is played with three balls, two white and one red. English billiards is played on a large table measuring 6 ft 1.5 inches by 12 ft. You can also play it using three balls, the same as carom.

Pocket billiards is played on a 4.5 x 9 ft table. Pockets on the pocket billiards table are wider than the other tables. There is one white ball and 15 numbered object balls. The object balls numbered 1 to 8 are in solid colours, and those from 9 to 15 are in stripes.


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