Securing your home is necessary to keep away intruders. Installation of a home security systems in perth can be a huge step to ensure everyone’s safety both day and night. This is a common tool that comes in a variety of choices and prices, depending on your needs. Some burglar alarms are easy to install while more expensive options require the help of professionals. No worries as most alarm systems have simple designs.

The article will show you the basics of a home security system. It includes its different parts and how they work. Read on to get started defending your home against burglars.

Two Types of Electric Circuits

Alarm systems are made up of electric circuits that will serve as a warning in case of intrusion. That is why the special device is placed by the entrance of your house to make this feature useful. It will react whenever an entryway is opened and shut.

The first type is the open-circuit system that will trigger the alarm once the entrance is unlocked. Electricity flows through the circuit when the door opens.

On the other hand, a closed-circuit system is the opposite by which electricity cannot flow without an open door. The door must be shut to trigger an alarm.

The latter could be the best choice according to most homeowners. It is because the open-circuit system is easy to disconnect by cutting the wires. Intruders also discover how to deactivate the said circuit type, which is so dangerous.

Here is a list of the components of a closed-circuit system:

  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Battery
  • Powered Buzzer
  • Metal Switch

This is how it works when the alarm system is installed on doors. First, find the right position for the tool to ensure all parts will be working so well. Test its effectiveness by closing the door. If there is a force between the magnet and metal switch that means the circuit is okay. The alarm will create a sound as the buzzer remains open.

Another option is to place the alarm system in the window. It will activate when the burglars are forced to open your window as the switch and buzzer are bound to each other.

Some alarm systems are designed with a button instead of a buzzer. It should be entrenched on the door frame to make a sound when a burglar opens and closes the door. Therefore, the device must be hidden very well to avoid weak security.

It is safe to say that an alarm system alone cannot guarantee extreme protection against burglars. The reason is that intruders are becoming smarter these days as they can notice everything which could lead them into prison. They might turn off the alarm, especially if you are asleep at night.

A control box is a useful tool to prevent the said possibilities. It has a power supply though attached to the alarm circuits. It is also made of a security code that is more difficult for intruders to destroy.

The best way to trigger an alarm is to position the system in areas that are prone to burglars. It could be in the perimeters of your property to easily detect unwanted motions.

How Can Alarm Systems Detect Motion?

It is easier to detect intruders from the outside than inside the house because of their unpredictable tactics. That being said, a motion detector plays a vital role.

This feature of an alarm system often exists on automated doors. It sends a signal whenever there is an unwanted motion in the front door. It has a pattern that triggers sound waves to notify the household in case of burglary. This is the so-called radar-based motion detector.

While the photo-sensor motion detector is common in shopping malls. It is built with a light sensor and chime to make sounds when motion is detected.

Lastly, is passive infrared motion detectors that work through infrared energy. It is more unique than the previous options however very effective in sensing a motion.

Combining the three motion detectors can guarantee the best possible security for your home.

Different Types of Alarm Sounds

Since a home security system produces sound whenever it detects motion, you must also know the various components of this feature.

The control box should be wired properly to activate the necessary alarm sounds. It could be a siren, flashing lights, or an auto-dialer.

The most common alarm sound is a siren noise. It helps to notify the household, as well as the neighbors, that someone has a plan to infiltrate the house. Once the siren activates, it will prompt the intruder to run away. It also works to signal authorities for help.

Auto-dialer, on the other hand, is more straightforward in terms of calling the police for help. It is a feature that dials a police station near the area automatically. This also works to relay the problem to the company that installed the equipment in your building.

Final Thoughts

The burglar alarm system installers in Perth are so willing to help households secure their property. The need for a security system indeed continues to increase as intruders become smarter. They can offer different types of alarm systems that best suit your budget and specific needs. It is equipped with staff who can assist you in installing the equipment at any part of your house. Talk to them and ask questions to get started.


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