How the HouseJet Referral Program Works

How the HouseJet Referral Program Works

Have you heard of HouseJet? It’s one of the more exciting new kids on the block, in terms of giving real estate agents opportunities to find high-quality leads and opportunities. But how does it actually work?

Let’s dive into HouseJet’s referral program and how it works.

What is HouseJet?

HouseJet is transforming the real estate scene by introducing a groundbreaking referral program aimed at propelling agents to new heights. Their promise? Exclusive leads and a toolkit that’ll help you excel in your career as an agent.

What Makes HouseJet Stand Out?

HouseJet’s personalized support for real estate agents is pretty refreshing to see in this industry. Picture this: your very own branded website, a strong social media presence, and a specialized CRM tailored just for agents like you. Add in their swift Inside Sales Agent Team that jumps on leads pronto, setting you apart from the competition. (More on that later.) Plus, there’s a Commission Share program and exclusive training – all geared towards supercharging your success in real estate!

Speedy Deals with High-Tech Tools

In the fast-paced world of real estate, time is of the essence. HouseJet’s streamlined tools enable you to respond rapidly to client needs, boosting your reputation and sealing deals faster than ever. Some would say it’s their agility that gives agents an edge in a competitive market.

Embracing the Power of AI

HouseJet’s AI-powered lead generation tool is a game-changer. It fine-tunes your marketing to snag the best leads, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

“Almost nobody else is doing this – mainly because they don’t have the technology backing them up to make it happen,” HouseJet CEO Mike Oddo points out. “Not only do we have the technology, but we’ve figured out how to implement it in real world scenarios to ensure our agents are able to move faster and make more efficient use of every lead they come across.”

You’ll notice that words like efficiency are commonly used with HouseJet, and that’s because speed really is a determining factor in the real estate market. When agents are able to move faster, they land more clients and listings, close more deals, and ultimately pocket more commission.

HouseJet even has a nickname for their AI technology. You can call her LISA, and she’s here to make your life easier. It’s your digital assistant, handling texts and setting appointments with leads, keeping clients engaged while you handle your meetings, calls, or personal time.

Inside Sales Agent Team

In real estate, the early bird gets the worm. HouseJet’s well-trained inside sales agents spring into action, scheduling appointments as soon as they get those contact details. This swift response sets you up ahead of the pack.

“Most agents miss out on leads because they wait until it’s convenient for them to call back,” Oddo says. “Unfortunately, waiting even an hour can ruin your chances of getting a lead to become a client. By that point, they might have already called another agent. Speed-to-lead is a real thing. Our goal is to get in touch with them immediately – so we handle that with our Inside Sales Agent team.”

Top-Notch Training

You can’t become a top agent in your market without some sort of ongoing training. The information you learned when you went through your real estate salesperson course is often old and outdated. It’s also just barely scratching the surface. Every agent – including agents who have been in the industry for years – need ongoing training.

“Training is a huge part of our program and who we are,” Oddo says. “We’re not just handing agents leads. We want them to understand how to build their business and become in-demand agents who outperform every other local realtor.”

HouseJet’s proven training program is elite. It’s not a boring set of slides with memorization concepts – it’s real world strategies and concepts that help agents land more listings and clients. It’s designed to help you succeed and sell more of the leads they provide. It’s a win-win for you and your business.

HouseJet Looking for Growth

HouseJet is very much in its infancy in the market. There are many industry insiders who secretly believe this could become one of the biggest names in the industry, particularly as more agents use the platform and start to realize how beneficial it is for both their lead generation and professional development as agents.

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