Who does not love the French countryside and being able to incorporate it into your home? It would feel like you are there every day. French countryside style is a mix of rustic as well modern refined decor and is quite a soothing style. This style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and whether it is an apartment or a bungalow, or a mansion, you could incorporate this style everywhere.

With softly patterned fabrics as well as vintage accessories and finishing, if you are on the lookout for some expert tips that would help you portray the French country style the perfect way, make sure to read below.

Integrate Old And New Together

For this kind of style, you need to mix old and new together through furniture, accessories as well as decor. Use chandeliers, vintage wall clocks as well as white porcelain plates. For the modern look, go for long-length mirrors, colorful ceramics, extendable dining table, multi-utility furniture, and others. You could use pitchers to impart an aesthetic feel and make your home look cozy and elegant.

Make Sure You Incorporate Art

French countryside style is incomplete without abstract paints and murals. Adding art to your home when opting for this kind of style is an essential part. You could add beautiful abstract floral art, which matches perfectly well with style and also gives your home a personal touch and a unique personality.

Opting For Drapes

Another crucial point to be well aware of. French countryside home decor is never complete without going for heavy drapes. You should also be careful about the wall patterns and layers and ensure they match the drape. Crisp white drapes are known to add elegance and royalty to the room and also add an element of serenity and tranquility.

Add Vintage Inspirations

French country style is all about the past and giving off a vintage vibe. Each room should be given individual care. Countryside style is about elements of fineness yet maintaining a rustic look, and this could be achieved with painted cabinets. Painted cabinets have always been linked with rustic, survival, and character. Round up the look with vintage accessories and home decor.

Ornamental Cabinets Are A Must

Nothing speaks more French than ornamental cabinets colored in French blue. This color can be easily achieved using oil paint. To make it look more dramatic, add a darker shade. Look for antique ornamental cabinets and furniture pieces at various flea markets, bronchitis, and even antique stores.

You could also opt for antique showpieces and add them to the four walls for a rustic look.

Go For Shutters

One of the focal points when trying to incorporate the French countryside style is to add shutters. The French are often known for their fabrics, and for them, window treatment usually includes shutters rather than going for extremely heavy curtains. This way, one could diffuse the sunlight rather than shut it off completely. Consult experts on what would be the most suitable fabric type when remodeling your home based on this style.

Focus On Your Dining Room

Try out rustic chandeliers made of wood. A wooden table with antique chairs is a great way to incorporate this style into your home. Go for mismatched chairs, which would be a welcoming look. You could hang gingham curtains in your drawing room and add silk drapes too. You could also add different colored sheer curtains and give the hall a feminine touch. The sheers will also let natural light in, making the space look a lot more elegant.

Hoping these tips will help you transform your place by adding your favorite style without compromising on the cozy comfort factor.


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