How to Choose The Right Green Property For You?


In a world gripped by climate change, everyone strives to live as eco-friendly as possible. In this equation, the home you live in plays a significant role. If we are to average it out, home is where you and the rest of your family spend most of your time, so you produce the most consumption, from energy to water.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to buy green properties in hopes of making their impact.

If you’ve decided to buy a home in Mississauga, Canada, you’ve seen the “green home” label popping up more and more. Given the boom in popularity that the term green is enjoying, it’s natural to wonder what a green home is and what qualities it must meet.

Besides, you’ve probably wondered if a green home is right for you. Or maybe you’ve wondered exactly what you’re looking for in a green home. Purchase a home using SaveMax while also taking into consideration the following aspects:

What is a Green House?

Green can mean many things when it comes to a house, but the most important feature that most home buyers look for is high performance. A home does not fall into the high-performance category if it has LED lighting or a few energy-efficient appliances.

Things are more complex than that. For a property to be green, it must meet several requirements in 6 distinct categories:

  • Location
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Materials
  • Operations and maintenance

This list puts things in a whole new perspective, especially considering that most of the world only sees eco-friendly homes from an energy-efficiency standpoint. But we should not forget about the little things that make a difference, such as whether or not the house has been decorated with non-toxic paints, carpets, and furniture that do not affect air quality or if it has low-flow sinks and toilets to reduce water loss.

How Do I Know If a House is Green?

It’s difficult, in some cases even impossible, for a person without expertise in the field to analyze whether a house is highly efficient or not. This is precisely why some people buy houses that do not fall into the category of green homes, thinking that they do. This is certainly an unpleasant surprise that no one wants to have after buying a property.

To avoid this, any customer can ask for a home to be assessed by an experienced green appraiser before buying it. You can ask your real estate agent for help, who can put you in touch with an accredited person, or you can choose your own appraiser. Either way, it’s always a good idea to have an appraisal done.

Tips for Choosing the Right Green Property

Once you’ve found a high-efficiency green home, there’s one more essential step. You must decide if this house is the right home for you and your family. Here are three simple steps to show you how:

1. Know What You Want

Even though it sounds like a cliché, it’s very important to know what you want in a green home. Do you want a compost system? Do you want an eco-friendly toilet that burns the residues? If the answer is yes, then you need to be willing to do some extra work to keep everything running.

There’s also the second option, where you just want a house that’s almost self-sustainable and consumes less. This is where solar panels and efficient electrical systems, as well as appliances, come into the equation. It’s good to know what you want, so you know what to look for.

2. Don’t Overlook the Neighborhood

If your goal is to live a life where you consume as little as possible and be a friend of nature, then the neighborhood you live in is essential to achieve it. Check if it’s bike friendly and has good public transport. If not, you’ll have to use your car at all times to get to places of interest, which might not be to your liking.

3. Imagine Yourself Living There

Although it may seem silly or childish, this is an essential step when deciding whether or not to buy a house. It may be that the property in question has everything you want in terms of high efficiency, but it may not feel like home.

In that case, it’s time to start house hunting again. Imagine yourself working, cooking, and spending time with your family within those walls. Can you see yourself doing that? If so, then there’s no reason to dwell!

Rachel Green
Rachel Green is an expert environmental advocate and boasts an impressive background in Environmental Science. With over 15 years in environmental conservation, she brings a wealth of knowledge to many platforms. Her career began in renewable energy consulting after she graduated from Stanford University. Her journey in environmentalism began over a decade ago, leading to roles in various NGOs focused on climate change and renewable energy. Beyond work, she loves gardening and enjoys exploring eco-friendly travel destinations. She is an enthusiastic cyclist as well.

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