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Balloons are an essential attribute of any celebration! A large selection of helium and foil balloons will decorate the space and create a festive atmosphere, as well as create a themed decoration for any occasion.

Affordable decorations will please both adults and kids. Designing the venue on your own allows saving the event’s budget. We will tell you about how you can inflate the balloons at home without additional costs.

What Can I Blow Up Balloons With?

Helium is a non-toxic, non-explosive, and non-flammable light gas that makes the balloons go up, filling the surrounding space.

To inflate balloons with helium, you need to buy a helium balloon, a set of uninflated balloons, and ribbons for tying the party items. All accessories you can order at

How Do I Inflate a Balloon Without Helium?

There are several methods. One of the most popular is blowing with your mouth. The procedure is suitable for inflating small balloons of the usual round or oval shape. For more original ideas, pumps are used:

  • Modeling pump. It’s a great version of budget pumps for home. It’s suitable for inflating a small number of simple balloons and items for modeling. Air is delivered in portions and smoothly, allowing you to form a cute bouquet of balloons without much effort.
  • Hand pump. The inexpensive, efficient, lightweight, and compact unit will effortlessly fill balloons of standard shapes with air.
  • Foot pump. It’s a sufficiently oversized unit. Working in the company of a family member or friend, you can easily and quickly inflate balloons with air, and with the help of a built-in manometer in the pump, you can monitor the air flow rate and control the pressure.
  • Compressor. It’s ideal for working with large volumes and is equipped with a manometer for easy inflation. Despite the higher cost, the unit will be an integral helper in your home for years to come. You can quickly inflate a small number of fun party attributes or create large balloon compositions, like arches, garlands, letters, etc.

Hi-Float Processing

Many have noticed that helium balloons inflated at home often gradually come down from “heaven to earth” after 10 hours. You may use the Hi-Float treatment to prolong the life of helium balloons and the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful views.

The substance is plastic created by a unique formula, due to which it can dissolve in water. Forming a thin protective layer inside the rubber balloon holding helium, the balloon treated with Hi-Float stays in its original state longer than usual and keeps flying for over two days.

Balloons can be treated with Hi-Float at home. After purchasing the glue, it is necessary to pour a small amount of the substance inside the balloon with a special dosing pump and distribute it evenly on the inner surface by rubbing the product with your hands.

At the same time, the neck of the balloon should look up so that the glue sticks down and does not get on your hands. Next, we inflate the balloons with a helium balloon until they rise to the top and tie them tightly with a thread or ribbon.

How Do I Inflate a Long Balloon?

You can inflate an elongated thin balloon at home using mouth breathing or pumps. For ease of inflation, you need to understand the technique. To do this, we take the balloon in our hands and stretch it slightly in different directions.

Then we take the neck of the balloon in your mouth or put it on a pump tube and begin to gradually fill the balloon with air or helium. At the same time, one hand holds the neck; the other squeezes half of the balloon.

During inflation, gradually move your hand back to the end of the balloon, so it will be faster and more evenly shaped. Remember that the opposite side of the balloon neck should be deflated to form shapes from a long balloon. It should contain about 2 cm of empty space for air distribution for twisting and modeling.

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