If you took a survey of the homeowners, you know about what they wish they could change about their kitchen, one of the most common answers would be storage space. Not having enough storage can have a domino effect on the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you have to leave pantry food out on the counter, or pots and pans on the stove, instead of putting them away, then your kitchen will look cluttered. Not only that, but it takes up your usable space and can make it hard to navigate and find space to work.

The problem is, it can be hard to increase storage. You only have so much floor space in your kitchen, and if you already have floor-to-ceiling cupboards, you might be at a loss for what to do. Luckily, there are some solutions out there. Some are creative, and others will blow your mind with their simplicity. Here’s how to maximize the storage space in your kitchen,

Have Less Stuff to Store

The first step you need to take if you don’t have enough storage is to remove as much as you can to make space. This means going through every cupboard and throwing out any food that is past its best before date. Not only that, but you should take an inventory of your kitchenware, gadgets, pots, pans, and other items that you keep on hand. Is there anything that you barely use or don’t use at all? Do you have more of a certain kitchen implement than you could use at one time? There’s no need for more frying pans than there are burners on your stove, so either get rid of the excess or store it somewhere else where it’s not in your way.

Customize Shelf Heights

Let’s say you’ve got a cabinet that holds glasses and cups. If you find that you have a big space above the tallest of your drinking containers, then you can adjust the shelving in that cabinet to gain more space. There’s no use for empty space above your cups, so bring the shelf above down to just above the lip of the cups so that you can potentially add in another shelf. This can also be used for cups or anything else cluttering up your kitchen space.

Customize Cabinets for Your Space

Every kitchen is different, and every kitchen owner is different. Therefore, your storage needs might be different than your neighbor’s or even than the previous occupant or owner of your home. That’s why if you find you have a storage crunch, you should invest in cabinets that specifically work for you. Get custom kitchen cabinets in Kennett Square, PA, so you can have the right size, type, and layout to have a place for everything efficiently.

Hang up Your Stemware

Stemware can take up a lot of space in a cupboard. Unfortunately, you can’t stack stemmed glasses, so each one will have its own footprint. However, you can still get them off of surfaces and out of your way. For example, if you have cabinets that don’t go all the way to the countertops, then you can install hangers underneath them. Hanging your stemware allows easy access and shows off your favorite glasses for guests to see.


Risers are little shelves that you can place inside your cabinets. What this does is section off spaces of your cabinet so that you can store more things. For example, if you have a frying pan in one cabinet, you can use a riser to straddle that frying pan and store a pot on top of it. Using something like this can be easier than installing new shelving. Risers can also be easily moved around in case you find a bigger need somewhere else in your kitchen.

Fill Bare Spaces

There’s a good chance you have some blank spaces in your kitchen where you could install shelving. Think of the sides of cabinets and even the side of the refrigerator. You don’t have to install shelving on studs. Just make sure that you only use them for light items, and you can adhere portable shelves to any blank spaces you have.

Sliding Shelves

Blind corner cabinets actually have a lot of space. The problem is that we barely use it all since it can be so hard to get to things kept at the back. However, with specially installed sliding shelves or other custom devices, you can make it easy to bring out stored kitchenware or small appliances without having to contort your back. So while you might still be unable to fit everything on the shelves that you could conceivably fit in the entire space, you will still get more storage than you were using before.

Rolling Kitchen Cart

Just about everyone wants an island in their kitchen, however, for many, it’s not practical. Often it’s because of a lack of space, but also renters aren’t able to make changes to their units. A rolling kitchen cart might be the perfect solution. You can have one that is big enough for a couple of people to eat at while also having extra storage underneath. In addition, a cart can be moved in and out of the room to create more space if needed as well.

Storage is such an important part of having a functional kitchen. You need space to work, eat, and even congregate, and if your counters are too cluttered with what you can’t fit into your storage spaces, then it can pose a problem. Use these tips to maximize the storage space in your kitchen and make your life easier.


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