If you are lucky enough to own acres of land or eager to start your own business, a glamping and camping site is an intelligent choice. It can transform vast land into a tranquil retreat for couples, families, or friends looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

To create a beautiful glamping spot that wows every guest, you must invest in the right property to match your vision for the business. Find out how to successfully choose a glamping/camping pod.

Choose the Correct Glamping Pod Design

Give your glamping and camping site the wow factor by choosing from the many stylish and spacious pods available. Your guests may fall head over heels in love with the outdoor experience once they breathe in the beauty of their surroundings from the comfort of their chosen pod.

Take your pick from the many unique glamping pods for sale, which are available to suit many tastes, budgets, and requirements, such as one-bedroom and multi-room designs. If you can’t find the right option for your needs, reach out to an experienced glamping pod company to create a bespoke design and layout to match your specific requirements.

Remember, the glamping pod you choose will determine the number of guests you can welcome to the site, which will shape your annual revenue and profit margin.

Understand the Bathroom Options

Think carefully about the guests you want to attract to your glamping site. Some outdoor lovers might be happy to venture out in the middle of the night to use the communal facilities, but it could be a nightmare for other guests, especially those with young children.

If you want to welcome families of all ages to your glamping site to expand your customer base, you may need to pay a little extra for a glamping pod that includes a toilet, sink, and shower.

Find an Eco-Friendly Pod Design

Sustainability must be a priority for your business, especially as many guests will consider glamping for an eco-friendly stay. Don’t deter eco-conscious travelers and pick a design crafted from environmentally friendly materials, such as conifer timber and glass windows with zero plastic.

The natural aesthetic will work in harmony with a rural backdrop while providing guests with confidence that they will stay at an eco-friendly glamping site. Also, look for designs with a five- or ten-year warranty to enjoy peace of mind that the pod will remain in good condition throughout the years.

Learn About Planning Permission

Most small glamping pods will not require planning permission before installation. Yet, you may need it to erect the structure on a specific type of land and for business purposes, such as starting a glamping site.

For instance, if you want to create a glamping site at a destination with low levels of light pollution, you will likely need to secure planning permission. If in doubt, contact your Local Planning Authority for more information.

If you follow the above top tips, you could create an attractive, eco-friendly, and functional glamping site that attracts many guests and generates a superb annual revenue.


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