Is It Better To Rekey Or Change the Locks?


Rekeying or changing the lock is a common dilemma for every business owner. You want to protect your valuable property and belongings but only want to pay what you have to. We will compare changing locks vs. rekeying locks to help you make an informed decision.

Top Atlanta Locksmith has gathered some information to guide you through this question. As a locksmith in Acworth, we can perform whichever option you determine is best for your needs.

When to Change a Lock

When there’s a key floating around that no longer works, it’s time to change the lock. If someone has had unauthorized access to your premises or vehicle, you should replace the lock.

If you have a master key system for your business and one of the keys is lost or stolen, you should change all of them.

If you suspect someone has copied your keys, it’s better to change them than just one — especially if they’re expensive or hard-to-find keys. The same goes if you suspect that someone has duplicated an old key.

When to Rekey a Lock

Rekeying means changing all the pins inside a lock so that none of the old ones fit anymore. That way, even if someone does have an old key for the lock, it won’t work anymore because the new pins will prevent it from fitting properly into place in the cylinder mechanism.

This method is generally used when people lose their keys or have them stolen but want to keep using their existing locks rather than replace them completely with new ones.

What Happens After Rekeying?

If your lock needs rekeying, the technician will make changes to its pins and springs. This means you will not be able to use your old key after the service. When choosing between changing and rekeying, consider how many keys are in use.

If there’s only one key for multiple locks in your house, it will make sense to get them rekeyed instead of installing new ones. However, if you have more than one key for each lock and want to change them all at once, then go ahead with either option.

Cost of Changing a Lock vs. Rekeying

Rekeying is more affordable than changing the lock entirely, but it’s important to note that there are limits on how many times it can be done before changing the lock completely. If you have multiple locks that need rekeying and only one key for each lock, replace all of them at once to avoid having to do this again in the future.

Which Is the Best Option for Commercial Buildings?

The most common reason people choose rekeying over changing their locks is that they don’t want their keys duplicated by anyone other than themselves or their business partners.

This is especially true if they have confidential information stored within their office building or warehouse and want to ensure that only authorized parties have access to certain areas of the property when they aren’t present

Top Atlanta Locksmith

Due to these features, rekeying can be more cost-effective than changing the locks. However, rekeying will not help prevent future lock breaches. If you face a security risk, it’s best to employ a professional locksmith in Dacula who can install new locks. Doing so will quickly provide peace of mind and better protect your building.

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