The Top Five Benefits of Sealcoating Your Driveway or Parking Lot

The Top Five Benefits of Sealcoating Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Maintenance is required for various aspects of our lives, relationships, belongings, homes, and cars – your driveway or parking lot is no exception to the rule. One of the most habitual but productive ways to maintain your driveway, parking area, or any asphalt paving is to lay on some seal coating. You do not want to attempt this when left to your own devices; turning to local paving professionals is the optimal solution.

The Garden State is a place that is known for its people, beaches, boardwalks, and nature – your exterior surroundings are also important. Driveways and parking lots are high-traffic areas used daily and succumb to many factors that can quickly wear them down. As home and business owners, you want to be able to turn to reliable, licensed, and insured professionals for your seal coating project, and securing Jersey’s best paving is right around the corner! Investing in your environment is something that will increase your quality of life, the aesthetics of your home and business, and the value of your space.

Increasing the Lifespan of Your Materials

The average lifespan of a driveway should be 20+ years, but if there is severe damage, cracking, or any lifting to the foundation – replacement and complete installation are necessary. Parking lots are similar but should last up to 30 years – the average lifespan is always dependent on the maintenance level used for their upkeep.

Seal coating is a great way to ensure your driveway or parking lot surpasses its average life expectancy! The seal will help to create an added layer of protection for the pavement itself, and the coat acts as a defense against the elements, sun, engine oil, etc.

Prevent Costly Repairs

No one wants to deal with making repairs; it is always a hassle when your car breaks down, your kitchen sink backs up, or your driveway cracks begin to interconnect and interfere with the foundation. When there is no seal coating on your driveway or parking lot – you are in a position where it is entirely exposed and vulnerable to everything that could come into contact with it.

In time, some things can easily damage your driveway, and when items are damaged, you can be looking at expensive repairs and possibly even a total replacement. To avoid that entirely, use seal coating as your insurance policy and prevent the need for constant and costly repairs.

Protection from the Elements

In New Jersey, you see every season and get about every form of weather you can. While the winters are not always the worst you can see, there is snow, and the heat and humidity characterize the summer. Things like rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine can wear down any driveway and park lot – causing discoloration, cracking, and with more humid and moist environments is where you will see issues with the foundation.

The sun will cause parking lots and driveways to dry out, and while this is not something you will see year-round, it is something to worry about. Just like we put on SPF protection to shield our skin from the sun, a seal coating can provide that defense against the weather, sunlight, and all-natural elements.

Defense Against Your Car Leaks

If there is one thing that visits driveways and parking lots more than anything else, it is undoubtedly our vehicles. These spaces are meant for cars and provide a solid ground to drive home, park in, etc. While our vehicles require their own forms of maintenance, they can still end up leaking out onto the driveway or in parking spaces without us even noticing. Generally, things like motor oil, transmission fluid, or even anti-freeze are finding their way out of our cars and onto the ground.

Automobile fluids can actually dissolve into asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces, and this will cause them to soften up. When a driveway or parking lot surface begins to soften, it is more subject to breaking and cracking, leading to an endless cycle of repairs. You can do your very best to clean up any spills as quickly as possible, but you can’t clean up everything. Seal coating acts as the first layer of defense between your driveway or parking lot and any oil, gas, or other automobile fluids.

Aesthetics Won’t Fade Away

The best part about sealing your parking lot or driveway is the beauty of it all – seal coating will keep everything beautiful for longer. It will ensure that color doesn’t fade away and simplify cleaning solutions. Sealing off these spaces is best completed in the Spring or Fall, so it is time to start talking about it with your local paving specialists.

NVN Paving provides premium seal coating for residential and commercial properties at affordable prices. NVN serves their friends and neighbors all across New Jersey, delivering a highly experienced tea of professionals to ensure your driveway or parking lot receives excellent care and attention. The benefits to seal coating are endless, and the downsides are non-existent. If you are considering sealing your residential driveway or any asphalt surface for your business, there is simply no time better than the present to get started!

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