Trying to sell a house is no easy feat. It takes a huge amount of time and resources to make a property attractive to potential buyers. It’s doubly challenging if you’re pressed for time. The following tips will help you sell your property quickly. Read on!

Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Hiring a great real estate agent is the first step in finding a buyer fast. The agent must know the latest local market trends and have a stellar track record showing they sell well.

The agent will help you throughout the entire selling process. They’ll work with a professional photographer to take fantastic photos of your home. They’ll also help during the negotiation process to get the best price for your home as well as write up listings, host showings, and market your property.

However, as the seller, you’ll be expected to shoulder the commissions of both the buyer and seller agents. The commission is typically between 2% to 4% of your selling price. Luckily, guaranteed cash offers are available — one search of “sell my house fast in Melbourne” typically yields great results.

Clean and Depersonalize the Property

The potential new homeowners should be able to picture themselves in the property. They can’t do that if the house is not clean or if sports too many personalized items, reminding them of you as the previous owner.

Clean the property thoroughly and hide any personal items such as family pictures. To do this, you can hire professional cleaners. You can also rearrange your furniture to make the space more inviting and prevent potential buyers from bumping into anything.

Keep bulky furniture in storage if necessary to make the space look bigger. This also allows your buyers to picture their own furniture pieces in the property.

Do Quick Repairs

While you can’t rush any major renovations, you can take care of quick repairs. Survey the property thoroughly and watch out for things that you can fix quickly, such as:

  • Loose tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Loose hinges on doors and cabinets
  • Stuck drawers
  • Leaky faucets
  • Faulty plumbing systems
  • Carpet stains
  • Scratched or chipped hardwood items

While you’re at it, take time to update your fixtures, install new hardware, and buy new appliances. Doing all of these depend on the amount of time and money you can invest in preparing your house for new owners.

Stage the House

Your interior design style might not be similar to your potential buyers’ preferences. They should see the house as a blank slate that they can update based on their preferred themes. As a result, it’s wise to stage the house.

Professional staging companies are a huge help. They can stage the house with linens and furnishings that are simple enough for potential buyers to imagine themselves personalizing the space.

Come Up with a Good DealInfographic on the current situation of homesellers as mortgage rates and prices continue to rise
By HomeLight Homes

Find out what your property is worth, and then price it 15% to 20% below. This will attract bidders — they’ll raise their bids way above the original price to compete with other buyers. Most sellers don’t use this technique because it’s risky, but it’s one of the best strategies in the market if you know your property is truly worth buying.

Alternatively, you can sweeten the deal by offering financial incentives, such as:

  • Covering closing costs
  • Accommodating the move-in and move-out schedules of the buyer
  • Agreeing to inspections
  • Paying for the buyer’s known items of concern
  • Offering a transferable home warranty

These incentives may look simple, but they make your property more attractive for home buyers that want to make the most out of their purchase.


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