No matter if you just bought a new home and are working with a blank slate or want to revamp your current home with some new design trends, you’ll be glad to hear there is plenty to choose from. You can opt for a minimalistic design or go all out with maximalist and eclectic approaches. One thing you can also consider is biophilic design, which aims to help us reconnect with nature by bringing as much greenery as possible into our homes. If you’re not sure how to use plants for décor, keep on reading for some unique ideas that will turn your home into a vibrant oasis.

You may even consider growing mushrooms at home for this. It’s not often that mushrooms are part of a home’s greenery!

Group a few plants together

To start with, you should never use just one houseplant on its own. You always want to have either a pair or a group of plants to make your space seem truly beautiful and inviting. So, if you presently don’t have any houseplants, you want to get a few different varieties. For instance, getting several shorter ones and a tall one that you can place together is a great idea. A tall plant like a fiddle-leaf fig will easily fill up an empty corner while some shorter ones around it will tie the area together. Another approach you can try here is mixing plants of different colors. Maybe you have one with dark green leaves while the rest come with a wide array of colorful flowers.

Diversify your shelves

Sure, you use the shelves around your home for displaying books, photos, figurines, and various other knick-knacks. However, you can further diversify them by adding some plants as well. Moreover, this is a good approach if you’re not sure how to fill up the many shelves you have installed. Depending on how much light your shelves get, you will have to find the right species, of course. Another thing to consider here is how big the plants will get. Fortunately, varieties like bird’s nest snake plant, cylindrical snake plant, pothos, sword fern, and spider plant can all thrive on shelves. Pick a few colorful pots that perfectly complement the color scheme of the shelves and the room they’re in, and you’re set.

Try hanging them from the ceiling

If your shelves are too full of books and ornaments or are in complete shade, you can also try suspending them from the ceiling. There is a huge range of plants to choose from, such as begonias, petunias, string of pearls, spider plants, golden pothos, and bird’s nest fern. While it does require a little bit of handiness, you can easily drill a hole in the ceiling where you will insert a hook (make sure to use the appropriate sleeve) from which your gorgeous plants will hang. In case you’re renting, worry not, as you can try adhesive stick-on ceiling hooks, which will do the same job as long as you check the maximum weight they can hold.

Create stunning table centerpieces

Perhaps your tables and other surfaces also feel a bit empty. Solve this problem by creating a beautiful centerpiece. You can use some freshly cut flowers and put them in a tall, narrow, eye-catching vase. On the other hand, you can also look into shallow, elongated planters that will work wonders on skinny coffee tables, nightstands, and windowsills.

Bring some softness to your home

Does your home sometimes feel a bit rough around the edges with all the straight lines of tables, shelves, and walls? Well, you can easily soften it up and make it more inviting by adding a few plants here and there. Placing an areca palm or monstera deliciosa in a corner will get rid of that sharp edge and bring in some natural texture. By letting pothos leaves create a waterfall effect on your shelves, you will not even notice the straight, hard lines. Some climbing plants can also vine and wrap around various items like mirrors, shelves, and cabinets.

Invest in some unique pots

If you prefer the simple approach of putting plants in a cute planter and letting them thrive in a sunny spot, you should at least make the effort of finding some one-of-a-kind pots. You can find many interesting ones online while you can also paint some yourself or knit a few hangers if you decide to hang them from the ceiling.

Turn to terrariums

Another idea that you should not overlook is using terrariums. By making your own, you can ensure you have something that is unique. Containers are easy to find in specialized shops and online inspiration abounds. Decide on how you would like it to look and get the right kinds of plants.

Consider avoiding planters altogether

Finally, you can also decorate your home without any planters. Have you heard of Kokedama? Originating from Japan, this form of planting involves getting your plants entombed in a smallish ball surrounded by string and moss. Plants don’t need traditional pots this way and your home’s interior design is bound to get a boost with such an intriguing display.

If your home seems empty and you want to take it to the next level, don’t overlook the effect that plants can have on its design. Whether you choose to fill empty corners with them, place them on shelves, hang them from the ceiling, or create interesting centerpieces, the results are sure to be stunning. So, what are you waiting for? Get your fingers dirty and start decorating.


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