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Ways to Reuse Your Old Faux Fur Throw Blanket


If you have an old faux fur throw blanket that has lost its softness, you don’t need to buy a new one – you can put your old one to good use in several ways! Here are eight simple and useful things you can do with an old faux fur throw blanket that might surprise you!

#1 – DIY Dog Bed

You can create a comfortable and stylish dog bed for your pet with your old faux fur throw blanket. Simply, lay down some old towels or pillows on top of your blanket and secure it all with a few stitches. You can remove these materials when it’s time to wash your dog’s bedding.

#2 – DIY Storage Basket

Recycle your old faux fur throw the blanket into a storage basket. Simply cut out handles and a bottom from your throw and turn it into an adorable basket for storing blankets, clothing, or toys. Get crafty by adding colorful duct tape as a trim to finish off your project.

#3 – Pillow Covers

Turn your old faux fur throw blanket into a stylish and fun pillow. You can even pick up a set of 2 different colors or patterns and mix them together to make an interesting pattern on your new throw pillows. Be sure to choose fabrics that have a bit of stretch in them so they’ll be easier to sew onto your pillows!

#4 – DIY Pot Holder

Transform your old faux fur throw blanket into a lovely faux fur pot holder. Follow these simple steps to make your very own! You’ll need scissors, needle and thread, and two matching buttons. Start by cutting out 2 squares of fabric that are approximately 4 inches larger than your pot or pan in all directions. Next, sew around three sides of each square with a straight stitch (1/4 inch seam allowance). Leave one side open for turning right-side out later on. Turn right-side out and press flat with an iron if needed. Sew button(s) onto opposite side from opening for hanging later on.

#5 – Scarf

Faux fur throw blankets make excellent scarves in a pinch. Just loop it around your neck and you’re good to go! A faux fur scarf can add some flair and warmth when worn with coats and sweaters, too. With all of these uses for a simple blanket, what are you waiting for? Go pick up that old faux fur throw blanket today.

#6 – Fringe Trimmed Curtains

Turn your old faux fur throw blanket into a statement window treatment. Cut your blanket into strips, fringe one end and attach them to a curtain rod or curtain tracks with velcro tape. If you already have curtains in place, simply place your strip of faux fur along an inside corner for an accent. You can also use iron-on hem tape for a clean finish. For more design tips, check out these ways to style sheets!

#7 – Cushion Cover Hack

Slip an old throw pillowcase over your faux fur. Just remember to take it off before going to bed so you don’t get any fur on your sheets!

Kaylee Ellen
Kaylee Ellen, a degree in Hotel Management has been a professional organizer and cleaning expert for over 10 years, where she helped homes and offices achieve the aesthetic look without compromising on functionality. She has been writing about transforming homes through organization and cleaning techniques in various blogs. She joined our team as a freelancer recently, bringing her practical knowledge and innovative methods to our readers. Kaylee is also an accomplished yoga practitioner who advocates mindfulness daily.

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