What Are Wall Stickers And Its Different Types?


To decorate the interior of any room in an original, economical and effortless way, you can use such a modern type of wall stickers decor. This way of decorating a room is becoming more and more popular and in demand among many owners.

What Are Wall Stickers?

From time to time everyone wants to change something in the interior of their home, but starting repairs is a long, troublesome and expensive business. But you can easily and quickly update any room by simply sticking stickers on the wall. For the first time this version of decoration appeared in France. Graphic artists from Lyon and Paris have come up with the idea of using colorful wall stickers to effortlessly transform a room beyond recognition.

Wall stickers are made of vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) or velour film. In some cases, foil is also used for this. On one side of the film surface, a black-and-white or multicolor pattern is applied, which is covered with a transparent film on top. Because this coating is more rigid than vinyl, it prevents the decal from tearing when applied to the wall. The other side of the product, which is its basis, is covered with a layer of glue, which is covered with paper from below. These wall stickers are available online or you can buy from china online stores.

Types Of Wall Stickers

3D Wall Stickers

Decals on the wall will become a stylish decoration of the room. This is a three-dimensional drawing-application applied to a self-adhesive film. It does not fade in the sun, does not lose its rich colors over time and looks very impressive in any room. The optical illusion of such images helps to create a realistic atmosphere and add creative bright colors to the interior. Volumetric wall stickers add extra depth and dimension to any room.

Mirror Wall Stickers

An elegant decoration of the house can be a mirror-sticker on the wall. Such stickers will be appropriate both in a classic interior and in modern hi-tech or futurism styles. They are able to visually expand any room. Made of acrylic material, small mirror wall stickers only imitate a reflective surface, and look like a mirror in them will not work. Attached to the ceiling, they create original highlights on furniture and floors. The shapes of self-adhesive mirror stickers can be very different: from a circle and an oval to ornate curls.

Slate Wall Stickers

Drawing on the wall will appeal not only to a child, but also to an adult. To make this wish come true, stick a slate or chalk sticker in any room. On it, you can create real masterpieces or just write notes to your loved ones, like on a school board. You can glue these black matte wall stickers for the kitchen and nursery, hallway or office. There are slate covers on which you can write with crayons or a special pencil. Such stickers are not only black, but also brown and even green.

Luminous Wall Stickers

With the onset of darkness, the room in which luminous interior stickers are pasted turns into a fairy tale. Fantastic landscapes come to life in it, placers of stars twinkle, from which it is impossible to look away. Such stickers for wall decor contain special dyes in the composition of the film that accumulate light energy during daylight hours. In the dark, they give it away and begin to glow. This decor fits easily into any interior design.

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