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What Is a Height-Adjustable Desk?


Have you heard of a height-adjustable desk? If you need more time, let me give you a little information.

The height-adjustable desk (or in English. Standing desk and other “standing desks.”) is a desk designed for reading, writing, or working at a computer while standing. It builds in different variations, designs, and styles.

All desks that allow working in an upright position are classified as “face/standing desks.” They can be either a fixed height (do not move and are always raised) or adjustable.

The former has the disadvantage of not being used in a seated position. It is essential to change position between sitting and standing and vice versa because otherwise – specific health problems (e.g., varicose veins) may occur.

Most of the standard desks that are commonly used are fixed height. What makes an adjustable ergonomic desk unique is the fact that very easily adjusted in the range of 65 to 130 cm.

The main reason: standing desk is adapted to human height – sitting and standing.

Some characteristics determine whether an ergonomic desk is excellent:

· Height Range – While it’s high, the ergonomics (this is what makes the desk suitable for everyone with further growth).

· Low noise level – It is essential, especially for offices.

· Stability – This is one of the main factors regarding this kind of desk. The best ones have good stability and the highest position.

· Load – Electric desks are the most significant load. You can place 3,4, and 5 monitors; it won’t be a problem.

· Warranty – good Warranty for these desks is 4 years or more. It shows the quality of production.

After much research, scientists conclude that ergonomic desks have multiple benefits for human health and productivity, making them a good choice for the office. Here are some of them:

· Height-adjustable desks reduce the risk of obesity.

Obesity C results from taking in more calories than are being burned. Of course, if the opposite is weakening.

Although exercise is the most effective way to burn calories quickly, you need more if you’re used to sitting in a chair all day. Compared to working in a seated position, the same time spent standing is calculated to burn about 160-170 extra calories (over 1000 calories per week!) In the long run, it can affect your weight without further exercise.

· Standing up straight can reduce heart disease risk and lower blood sugar levels.

According to scientists, even an hour spent in an intense workout can’t offset the adverse effects of sitting all day. Studies show that using office work ergonomics lowers blood sugar (especially after lunch). This leads to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Another benefit is improved blood circulation.

· Ergonomic desks reduce back pain.

Most people who work in the office spend between 8 and 12 hours sitting. Finally, they complain of back pain. Several studies conclude that people who start using an ergonomic desk observe an improvement in back pain but also neck pain/after two weeks.

· Ergonomic desks give energy and a good mood.

About 87% of people using ergonomic desks say they are less stressed and more energetic. After returning to their old offices, there is a return to the old status.

· Ergonomic desks increase productivity:

Ergonomic desks interfere with daily tasks such as typing and filing. Studies show that the rest stand without influence on the writing of the symbols for a minute or typos. Standing up improves mood and energizes, which again leads to increased productivity.

Another fact that proves that ergonomic desks have increased productivity is that standing up improves blood circulation and keeps the brain alert. It’s also harder to fall asleep if you’re standing instead of sitting. The reason is simple – constantly on the lookout for what is happening to your body:

· Improves communication in office space

Sitting at the desk leads to missed opportunities for conversations with colleagues or noticing something important happening. The standing offers more face-to-face discussion opportunities with colleagues, if only for a few minutes. Improves communication instead of emailing someone directly to talk to them.

· Ergonomic desks make people “ready for action”:

When you’re seated, it may take time to get up from your desk in an emergency or if you’ve just realized you’re late for a meeting. Ergonomic desks make things easier and allow for quick responses.

· Reduce the risk of cancer.

Lack of physical activity is a significant cause of breast and colon cancer. There is no definitive answer to why, but it may be due to the increase in C-reactive protein found in people who sit for a long time.

· Ergonomic desks help you live longer.

Numerous studies have shown an association between a sedentary lifestyle and dying earlier. Scientists say those who sit most of the time have a 49% higher risk of premature death than those who sit at least. In conclusion, while you move, while a healthier and therefore will live longer.

You can see how many advantages of ergonomic desks there. Don’t think it’s time to start, and you can use it.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith, with a decade of experience in technology and engineering, graduated from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Before joining our team, Alex worked at a leading smart home technology firm, where he played a key role in developing innovative home automation solutions. He began contributing to our website in 2018, offering insights into the evolving world of tech. In his spare time, Alex is an avid DIY enthusiast, often experimenting with integrating technology into everyday living.

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