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What is the Best Material For Interior Doors?


It is difficult to imagine the design of a modern, elegant apartment without interior doors. These products also ensure silence and warmth in the apartment, which is why they have become a must-have element.

Homeowners are often at a loss when choosing doors between rooms in apartments. They want the structures to be durable and beautiful. We will talk about the right choice of door material in our article.


An excellent choice of material for interior doors is MDF, which has become widespread in the modern world. In fact, it is an analogue of chipboard, which has a medium density. It consists of finely dispersed wood chips, which under pressure turns into a durable material. It can replace solid wood.

The fibers are glued with a composition of melamine and urea resins, which prevents toxicity at high temperatures and ensures safety. MDF interior doors, have the following advantages:

  1. Low weight. The composition of the material makes it possible to reduce the weight of the structure, so it is installed even in the opening with a small thickness of the wall.
  2. Enviable strength. Special technologies allow the transformation of a strong chip into a dense plate, preventing mechanical influences.
  3. Reasonable price. MDF is made from raw material, which is wood waste. It explains the democratic price tag of the material.
  4. Resistance to increased exposure to moisture. This was achieved due to the presence in the composition of special elements and PVC film.
  5. Durability in operation. The material can withstand rotting and sharp temperature jumps.
  6. High-quality insulation. Doors made of such material perfectly absorb sound and will not let out heat.
  7. Pleasant design. This criterion will give the doors the opportunity to fit into the interior of the room and make an impression.

Due to the listed properties, this material is popular in the market of interior doors. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but they are outweighed by the advantages.

Solid wood

Interior doors made of solid wood have also left good reviews. Depending on the type of wood, structures can differ in different performance and price indicators. The main advantages of such products are:

  • strength;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to cold;
  • no need for special disposal.

Types of wood for doors are the following:

  1. Oak. The most durable wood, but difficult to process, although with the proper approach a beautiful shade and pattern is obtained.
  2. Pine. Low specific gravity and strength act as the main strengths of the species. It is easier to process, and the price is lower.
  3. Mahogany. Soft wood that can withstand the peculiarities of any climate, while its aesthetic design will give the interior a zest.
  4. Ash. Withstands exposure to hot steam, so these doors are suitable for installation in the bathroom.
  5. Birch. You should be careful with this material because of its delicacy. The species does not tolerate dampness, and with constant temperature changes can go cracked.
  6. Beech. It is a porous type of wood, due to which it does not cope with moisture.

Definitely you should think twice before choosing doors made of hardwood. The main thing is to know the wood species and its characteristics.

So what material should you choose?

There are quite a lot of interior doors on the market, but customers are often lost when choosing them. The main question is the type of material to choose for internal doors. This question can not be answered unambiguously, because all materials differ in quality and external characteristics.

An important factor in the choice is also the price. If you need a cheaper door, the best option would be an interior design of MDF. More expensive products are made of solid wood of different species. These options have their pros and cons, but every homeowner will be able to choose the necessary products in a proven store with a pleasant price tag, following certain criteria.

Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood, holding a BA in Interior Design, has been transforming spaces since 2010. With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, she specializes in bespoke furniture design. Her expertise lies in creating harmonious and functional living spaces. Her articles deeply understand how furniture can shape and define spaces. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking and photography, which contribute to her keen eye for detail in design. She is also a ceramic artist, a passion that enhances her understanding of materiality and design aesthetics.

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