The veneer and the type of wood determine whether a plywood is cabinet grade. Cabinet plywood is a specific high-quality veneer with grades that are not categorized the same way as they are for softwood plywood. In these cases, the material faces are graded in combinations with letter markings from A to C.

If you’re looking for high-quality cabinet plywood, find pieces containing face veneers around 1/40” of an inch in thickness. Veneers of the lower grade will potentially run thinner than this, which can be difficult, especially when it’s time for sanding. For cabinet work specifically, ¾ of an inch thick plywood is the standard, but for other projects such as furniture, center plywood may be used. Thicker plywood is needed for cabinetry to create the stiffness and strength that cabinets need for durability.

You’ll want to consider the quality of the faces in each piece. You generally want higher-grade plywood with your cabinets since you’ll see the backside when the door is open. For best results, get all of your plywood from the same mill. If you’re curious about cabinet grade plywood and are looking to buy some for your next project, read on for some specific ]things to look out for and to learn where you can find options near you.

What To Look For In Pieces

Ensure that the face veneer has a thickness that makes sense for your project. Check to see that the grain book matches. You want to ensure everything matches. This is particularly true for cabinet grade plywood that will be stained.

Look out for warps or bends in your plywood. It should overall be fairly flat, but a slight curvature is okay. If you see excessive bending, this suggests that the core of the plywood is not secure. Choose other pieces to protect your finished product if you notice these issues.

Additionally, review the status of the edge. More layers equate to higher quality veneer. If possible, choose hardwood cores over softwood ones, even if you plan on using low-grade hardwoods. Always check the straightness of the rosin lines to determine how likely it may be for problems to arise within the core.

Where To Find Quality Cabinet Grade Plywood

It is possible that you can purchase cabinet grade plywood from your nearby home improvement store, but most likely, the selection will be limited. You want to contact businesses that focus on products like architectural trim. As a last resort, check out any local lumber yards.

If you’re looking to do less work, it is possible to find prefinished cabinet grade plywood from manufacturers. Not all contractors want to complete the finishing. You can check out major cabinet suppliers to find cabinet-grade options with the staining and varnishing already completed for you.

Find The Best Cabinet Plywood Options Near You

When selecting suitable cabinet grade plywood for your project, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Review the above suggestions as you search for cabinet grade plywood options near you.


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