Your Easy Guide to Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

Your Easy Guide to Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

There’s no better feeling than unwinding in a room that’s been freshly cleaned. Whether it’s the scent of newly-washed linen, or cosying up to a fresh bed, cleaning your bedroom is a great way to make sure your space is primed for relaxation and rest.

However, more often than not, it can be tempting to clean the areas of the house that people might see such as the lounge, kitchen or dining area. Meanwhile, our bedroom (where we spend some of the most important hours of rest!) can become neglected.

If you’re ready to get into a new routine with your bedroom cleaning, take a look at this easy guide to bedroom cleaning tasks that don’t need to take forever.

Daily tasks that can help keep your bedroom clean

Daily tasks can be a quick, yet effective way of keeping your bedroom neat and tidy while you’re in a rush. The key here is to do small, simple tasks that make a big difference.

Here are a few tasks you can do everyday to give your bedroom a boost:

Make the bed

First on the list of tasks that take no time at all but can have a big impact, is making the bed. When you’ve gone to the trouble of choosing the right mattress and creating a cosy set up, it makes sense to make the bed each morning so that you can really enjoy the final look every day. In fact, many people think that making the bed is one of the most important tasks to set up your entire day and get a small but valuable job out of the way for a positive mindset.

Put away your clothes

It’s tempting to sling your clothes on the floor or end of your bed after a long day – no judgement, we’ve all been there! However, hanging your clothes up can help keep your space clear and keep your clothes fresh. Be sure to put away anything you wear neatly to keep your bedroom cleaner for longer.

Take non-bedroom items out of the bedroom

We can all be guilty of leaving a glass, water bottle or mug on our bedroom table for days at a time. One of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and keep your bedroom feeling fresh is to remove any items that don’t belong there.

This can include anything from kitchen items to laptops and paperwork. If it’s not conducive to a healthy, relaxing sleep space it has to go!

H2: Weekly tasks to keep clutter at bay

The daily tasks above are ideal to keep things clean when you’re short on time in the week. On weekends, you might choose to invest a bit more time into your cleaning, spending an hour or so on the tasks that you don’t have time for during the week. These can include things such as:


Vacuuming your bedroom is a great way to clean your space. It removes dust, dirt, hair, and other particles from the floors and surfaces that can cause allergies or other health issues. Make sure you get under your bed frame and into all the nooks and crannies!

Dusting and wiping down surfaces

Dusting can also be added to your list of weekly tasks that take no time at all but can help give your room a fresh feel. Not only can it help minimise dust or hair, it can also help improve the overall appearance of your bedroom. You may also want to extend the dusting to soft furnishings – especially if you have an upholstered bed head.

Changing the sheets

Everyone’s least favourite job, but one of the most rewarding! Changing your sheets weekly is a great way to feel fresh and clean for the new week. You’ll be thanking yourself when you get to sink into soft, fresh linen!

Monthly quick jobs you’ll thank yourself for

If you’re ready to deep clean your bedroom and have a bit of extra time to dedicate, why not try these monthly bedroom cleaning tasks that can help keep your room sparkling.

All of the above tasks (but with a bit more intensity)

With cleaning, there’s always more that can be done. On the weekdays and occasional weekends here and there, you might not be able to do a deep clean to give your room a fresh feel.

Some monthly bedroom cleaning tasks can include things like:

  • Washing all bedding and pillows
  • A deep clean of surfaces and furniture
  • Vacuuming or sweeping floors
  • Cleaning under the bed
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Decluttering and organising drawers and closets.

Get your cleaning list ready

Hopefully some of these easy cleaning tips can give you the motivation to start your own cleaning list and tick tasks off as you go.

Breaking bedroom cleaning tasks down into small, digestible chunks can make the whole process much more enjoyable and the benefits can be huge. There’s nothing more rewarding than snuggling up in a clean and fresh bedroom, and having a clear space can be great for your overall well being and health.

Good luck with your bedroom cleaning!

Kaylee Ellen
Kaylee Ellen, a degree in Hotel Management has been a professional organizer and cleaning expert for over 10 years, where she helped homes and offices achieve the aesthetic look without compromising on functionality. She has been writing about transforming homes through organization and cleaning techniques in various blogs. She joined our team as a freelancer recently, bringing her practical knowledge and innovative methods to our readers. Kaylee is also an accomplished yoga practitioner who advocates mindfulness daily.

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