10 Everyday Items That Contain Memory Foam


Memory foam, a material invented by NASA in the 1970s to improve seat cushioning, crash protection, and takeoff safety in the aviation industry, is now a household name.

Its sensitivity to temperature, quick response to pressure, shock-absorbing properties, and hypoallergenicity have helped it find success in almost every industry. In this listicle, we will discuss 10 everyday items that come with memory foam.


When memory foam made its foray into the bedding industry, it went directly to the mattress. Buyers instantly fell in love with its softness, absorbent properties, and ability to spring back to its original shape.

Today, memory foam mattresses sell like hot cakes because of the multiple benefits they offer. They not only enhance the quality of sleep but also help in relieving back pain. They are believed to be hypoallergenic – a property that keeps away allergens, dust mites, and mold.

Need we say more?


Of all the everyday products made of memory foam, pillows are perhaps the most popular. The material can conform to the contours of the head, neck, and body and promote restful sleep.

No matter how much pressure you apply to memory foam pillows, they can return to their original shape pretty quickly. Additionally, they are durable and would last up to 3 years.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the smell and look of these pillows. The first issue is easily solved by allowing them to air out for at least 24 hours before using them.

However, there’s nothing much you can do about the second issue. The best you can do is cover them in a silk pillowcase to transform the appearance of a pillow. In fact, silk makes for a wonderful fabric when you want to transform the look of your house.

Seat Cushions

Memory foam seat cushions can now be found on chairs, stools, bike seats, car seats, and other items. There are numerous reasons for this, the most important of which is comfort.

When you sit on a memory foam seat, your buttocks are resting on a material that can relieve pain and reduce muscle fatigue. You can expect to be pain-free even if you sit for long periods.

Memory foam retains its original shape due to its low resilience and quick response to pressure. Memory foam seat cushions are also an excellent way to improve posture health on a shoestring budget.

Bath Mats

Memory foam has made its way into your bathroom, too! The material is now found in plush bath mats that would remind you of luxe hotel bathrooms.

Have you upgraded yours? No? Do it now, because stepping on one of these will feel like a sinful indulgence after a long shower.

You will feel as if you are stepping on a cloud. These mats relieve pressure from your feet and help them relax. Most of them come with absorbent and anti-slip properties, which prevent accidents.


Wondering what’s so good about padded bras with memory foam cups? Well, they not only mold to the shape of the breasts but also keep them cool by absorbing body heat.

The memory foam in the cups is so soft it will feel like your second skin while offering comfort and support. Additionally, the material retains its original shape, which is why the cups will never crease or fold.

In an unforgiving world of fast fashion, brassieres with memory foam reduce landfill waste by dint of their durability.


Nike and other well-known footwear companies are making shoes with memory foam insoles. This padding relieves pressure, provides enhanced support, allows for additional cushioning, and offers ultimate comfort.

Memory foam in your shoes remembers your foot shape and contours around it, distributing balance and absorbing heel shock.

When you remove your shoes, the material quickly returns to its original shape without damage. Walking fatigue can be reduced in a variety of ways by wearing shoes with memory foam insoles.


Riding a bike or scooter, rock climbing, horseback riding, skateboarding, or participating in contact sports are all potentially dangerous activities that can result in traumatic brain injury caused by accidental impact. You must wear a helmet to avoid this.

Now, a helmet is made of hard plastic on the outside and soft cushioning on the inside. Styrofoam was once a popular material for padding the insides of helmets. It has since been replaced by memory foam, which is softer and more effective at cushioning the blow to the head.


One of the most vital parts of headphones is the earpads, also known as ear cushions. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can make or break the performance of the headphones.

Earpads made with memory foam last longer and reduce the overall cost of the product because the memory foam itself is cheap. They are easy on the ears and contour around them to offer the best fit.

The memory foam helps by spreading the pressure evenly, so you can enjoy your favorite music and podcasts pain-free.

Cases for Electronic Items

Memory foam is also cropping up in electronic cases for earphones and mobile devices these days. The objective is simple – to offer additional protection and keep the content within it safe from physical damage.

Bag Straps

Bag straps made of memory foam are more comfortable than standard straps. They distribute weight evenly and provide the desired comfort and support while relieving tension and discomfort in the neck and shoulders.

Memory foam bag straps come in handy when your bag’s default straps fail to provide the support you require. They are ideal for backpacks, laptop bags, camera bags, duffel bags, sports equipment bags, sling bags, and other bags.

Can you think of any other memory foam-containing item? Let us know.

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