5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Doing Every Year

5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Doing Every Year

Buying a house is just like buying a new car – both of them require constant maintenance, especially if you want them to serve you well and if you are looking to sell them eventually. And while painting walls or renovating your bathroom is something that you can hold off until later, home maintenance tasks such as furnace check-ups must be done regularly to ensure its flawless functioning. In this blog, we will look into five home maintenance tasks that must be done at least once a year.

Schedule a service check-up of your furnace

Furnace checkups are recommended before the cold season comes as winter is the time when we rely on the heating system to keep us warm and cozy. A furnace check-up involves filter change and an inspection by a technician. If furnace maintenance is not performed on time, the venting system might not be distributing heat properly in your house. So when you start to notice that some rooms are colder than others, it is worth checking your furnace to make sure it is working properly.

Regular maintenance of your furnace not only ensures its proper functioning, but it allows you to save costs on energy bills, keeps you safe and maintains your furnace warranty. Moreover, if the heater is not inspected regularly, the damage to it caused by improper upkeep can result in exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide or gas leakage, which can lead to health problems or even death. Furthermore, if improperly maintained, the manufacturer has the right to revoke the warranty that came with your furnace.

Consider replacing your worn-out windows

Windows along with the façade are the face of the house, so ensuring your windows are in good condition structurally and visually is essential. If windows in your house are older than 15-20 years, we recommend checking on your window’s overall state and even consider replacing them completely.

When looking for window replacement options, consider safety glass windows as they are safer and more durable than regular glass windows. Moreover, if your windows measure more than nine square feet, opt for safety glass windows with no doubt. Any window that is susceptible to human impact is legally required to be tempered as upon impact it shatters into small cubes, reducing the chances of serious injury on impact. This applies to both interior (bathroom, furniture) and exterior (sliding patio doors) windows.

Remove debris from the gutters.

Gutters should be kept clean for obvious reasons. They are like your house’s sewage system – if you don’t clean it, it clogs up. And who likes to deal with clogged sewage? Clogged gutters block rainwater from draining properly which can lead to many issues such as damaged interior and exterior of your house, rotten or leaky roof and eventually a cracked foundation.

What is more unpleasant, a gutter clogged with leaves and debris attracts birds and insects leaving you with pest control to deal with. Gutters may sometimes be the last item on your home maintenance task list. However, they must never be underestimated as an improperly maintained gutter can negatively affect your overall house system resulting in inevitable and costly repairs. Clean your gutters at least twice a year, or even more frequently if you have a leafy garden.

Clean your kitchen vent hood filter

It may seem like an insignificant task to do, but cleaning vent hood filters play a crucial role in keeping your modern kitchen design fresh and sleek. First and foremost, it keeps the air you breathe clean. And what can be more important than your well-being? So, if a vent hood filter is not cleaned at least once a year, it can no longer serve its purpose because of the grease that builds up on it.

Degreasing your vent hood filter is easy. Simply soak it in warm soapy water or a special degreaser, use a spatula or a plastic knife to scrape off grease leftovers and rinse the filter under the running water. Giving your vent hood filter a regular clean-up not only will ensure smoke, grease and other debris are out of your kitchen but also excess kitchen heat produced by the cooktop will be reduced, allowing you to breathe clean and fresh air and just feel comfortable in your kitchen.

Check on your fire extinguishers.

Fire safety is the pillar of comfortable living. Regardless of whether your home has a fire alarm installed or not (make sure it does!), you must keep a fire extinguisher in your home handy and ready to be used in case of an emergency. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it, and if you don’t use it, you still need to make sure that the pressure gauge is showing the fire extinguisher is fully charged and the pin and tamper seal are intact. So inspect your fire extinguisher once in a while and make sure it’s in an easily accessible spot.

It is also recommended to have your fire extinguisher checked by a professional once a year. This home maintenance task may seem simple, however, strict adherence to safety measures does prevent a number of fire accidents.


Every movable and immovable property, be it a car or a house, requires regular maintenance. Keeping your property well maintained will not only please your eye, but also it will also save you money on costly repairs that can occur as a result of improper and late maintenance. Furthermore, it will also increase your chances of making a profit from your property sale in future.

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