7 Telltale Signs It’s Time For A New Mattress

Man lying in bed and suffering from back pain

Many people like to put off buying a new mattress for as long as possible. They’ll only get a new one once it’s obviously time to do so.

But are you comfortable with your current mattress? Are you getting enough sleep lying on it? One of the reasons you probably can’t sleep soundly at night is your old or bad mattress.

If you want to know when it’s time for your mattress to be replaced, here are seven telltale signs:

1. It Is Too Old

On average, a mattress can last for 7 to 10 years. At that point, signs of wear and tear will show up one after another. You may also have a harder time getting comfortable when you sleep in it than before. Cheaper mattresses made from low-quality materials tend to wear out more quickly.

If you can’t remember when you purchased your current mattress or notice that it’s a bit lumpy and no longer provides adequate support, it’s a sign that tells you to replace it.

2. It Has No More Cushion

Regardless of your sleeping habits and positions, there will be cheap beds and mattresses available for you. But what all these things have in common is cushioning.

If your mattress has deteriorating cushioning, it’s a sign that it has already reached the end of its life cycle. The last thing you want is to sleep on a bed that feels like a rock and deal with back pain in the morning.

3. It Makes Squeaking Sounds

Does your mattress make squeaking sounds? Constantly hearing noises every time you move can be annoying, especially if you’re trying to sleep. If you hear squeaking or creaking sounds from your mattress, it’s a sign that you need a replacement. Over time, the springs and coils inside the bed will become noisy because of wear and tear.

Springs and coils are designed to cushion your body when you sleep on the mattress without making any noise. Squeaks and creaks are signs that the coils have already started to deteriorate and will eventually break or snap.

4. It Sags

Another sign to consider is when you see your mattress sagging or having an uneven surface. It’s common for mattresses to sag over time, especially if you’ve been sleeping in one area. This puts more pressure on that particular spot which can result in sagging.

The problem with this is that an uneven mattress can no longer distribute weight properly and may cause back pain after waking up. Check to see if your mattress looks flat every time you change bedsheets. If you like to sleep on one side of the bed, you can prevent sagging by rotating the mattress from time to time.

5. You Wake Up Sore

Woman suffering from back pain because of uncomfortable mattress

Most people associate morning discomfort with getting old. It could also signify that you need to shop for a new mattress. Having a good night’s sleep is essential for your body to have plenty of energy the next day.

A good mattress should support your back properly, especially its pressure points. It must also provide comfort to you every night. But if you always find your body sore after waking up, it’s an indication that your mattress is not doing you any good, and it must be replaced with a better one.

6. There Is Not Enough Space

If you start sharing your bed for the first time, you may find your mattress lacking space. When two or more people sleep in one bed, the mattress must be able to provide support for everyone while having plenty of room.

You’ll need to switch to a mattress with a bigger size to accommodate more people comfortably. When choosing the mattress size, ensure that it has enough room for everyone sharing the bed.

7. It No Longer Feels Comfortable

If you find it hard to get comfortable with your mattress, it’s a good reason to shop for a new one. Tossing and turning around on your bed means that the mattress has already lost the comfort and support it used to provide.

One way to find out if your mattress is no longer comfortable as it was before is to sleep in another bed at a hotel or your friend’s. If you sleep soundly there, it’s a sign that your mattress should be replaced.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let a bad mattress ruin your sleep every night, as it can be detrimental to your health. Shopping for a new one can be daunting, but the abovementioned information will help you choose the right one for your needs and budget.

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Natalie Wood, holding a BA in Interior Design, has been transforming spaces since 2010. With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, she specializes in bespoke furniture design. Her expertise lies in creating harmonious and functional living spaces. Her articles deeply understand how furniture can shape and define spaces. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking and photography, which contribute to her keen eye for detail in design. She is also a ceramic artist, a passion that enhances her understanding of materiality and design aesthetics.

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