Having a baby is a unique life experience that is equally beautiful and terrifying. With one, you have a life that will be entirely reliant on you every single second. Such a task is simply not for the weak. One thing that you would have to deal with on a daily basis is bathing. Bathing does not need to be a hassle or something that you and your baby dread. You can do much to make it a fully enjoyable and totally safe experience. To help you do that, we’re going to share the top tips that you can apply to make your bathroom suitable, enjoyable, and 100% safe for your baby. Read on and duly apply!

7 Things that You Should Definitely Do to Make Your Bathroom Suitable for Your Baby

Tip #1: Babyproof, babyproof, babyproof.

By the time that your baby is a child, you’d be a master of babyproofing. It will become the center of all your activities and be your no. 1 priority when it comes to taking care of your baby. Naturally, such babyproofing will involve your bathroom. There is much babyproof in a bathroom because it is filled with unique and different elements that can easily be toxic and dangerous not just to your baby but to you as well. Elementary bathroom baby proofing will involve the following:

  • installing a hook-and-eye lock on the door
  • placing a childproof cover on your doorknob
  • placing a toilet lock

Tip #2: Have a settled bathroom routine.

To ensure a serene bathing experience for you and your baby, make it a point to secure a solid bathroom routine. A solid bathroom routine can be tricky to achieve but all your effort will be worth it in the end. Your baby will be more relaxed if he or she follows a consistent set of routines. Your baby’s brain will feel more in tune and safe if it can expect a consistent flow of activities. This will also help in ensuring that your baby gets a good amount of sleep. To do this, do everything within your power to stick to a definite bathing schedule. Always give your baby a bath at the same time every single day. This will create a peaceful routine that will make your baby feel safe, calm, and relaxed.

Tip #3: Remove distractions and risks.

You should dedicate a full day to removing all bathroom risks and distractions like phones and magazines. The presence of such items can easily attract your baby’s attention and make them lose focus on the current activity. Such items can get them distracted, excited, irritated, and even agitated. This is the case because babies are highly sensitive to different stimuli – may it be shapes, sounds, colors, or scents. When it comes to toys, filling up a bathtub with items is never a good idea. The water level and the ratio of items should be in such a state that no drowning can ever take place and your baby is always within sight. This tip is particularly applicable come the time that your baby reaches toddlerhood.

Tip #4: Supervise at all times.

Adult supervision is a must when toddlers are taking a bath. Toddlers still have no full knowledge of everything that’s going on and they still need guidance as to the things that they can do and not do. This is all the more the case when you’re giving a bath to a baby. Such will require you to be fully in control at all times.

Tip #5: Be careful of burns, bumps, and scalds.

You should have the proper foresight and make it a point to avoid any incident that can lead to bumps, scalds, or burns. It is a no-no to leave the water running when a baby or toddler is bathing. Water temperature can easily fluctuate and you wouldn’t want water that is too hot for your child. Use a baby bathtub that comes with a water thermometer to secure the safety of your baby.

Expert tile installers from GIB Tiling can give your home a visit to check out if there are any uneven tiles in your bathrooms that are not safe for your baby. Such uneven tiles can cause accidents like bumps, slides, burns, and scalds so you need experts to deal with them as soon as possible. Experts like ones from GIB Tiling can easily fix uneven tiles or fully install brand new tiles in no time.

Tip #6: Always immediately drain water.

You should have strict water protocols when bathing a baby. To keep your baby safe, you should always make it a point to immediately drain water after bathing. This effectively avoids any incident of drowning. You should also make it a point to immediately pull the plug immediately after you’ve taken your baby out of the water. Such strict water protocol will also help in keeping moulds off of your baby’s bath toys. Always air dry your baby’s bath toys after draining.

Tip #7: All bathroom cabinets should be always locked.

Lastly, you should also always ensure that all bathroom cabinets are properly locked. This is something that most parents overlook and such should never be the case as it causes nasty accidents. You were a kid once so you know how toilet cupboards seem like magic wonderlands to kids. Kids can easily go loco over cleaning products, powders, creams, and prescriptions. To avoid anything going haywire, just ensure that all-important and tricky items are out of your child’s reach.


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