The best cold climate heat pumps in 2022 are no longer a good idea. But, it is a necessity. With the changing climate, there are many new challenges, with freezing weather in the equation.

Cold climate heat pumps in 2022 are designed for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in the coldest months. But with the dozens of heat pump brands on the market today, you may be a victim of the wrongfully purchased product. Below we will compare Sprsun heat pumps with Blue Way heat pumps. But, before we head to that, what’s EVI?

EVI, heat pumps are heat pumps with “Enhanced Vapor Injectors suited for cold environments. As for the refrigeration, they have a third tiny inner heat exchanger referred to as the Economizer. The hot refrigerant vapor on the condensers gets routed to an HX, where it mixes with the cooler steam on the Evaporator extension. By transmitting its heat, vapor temperature increases. This is then fed at mid-range compression into the scroll compressors’ heads using a secondary vapor injector.

22 WATTS R32 evaporator injector pump DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps with Touch panel

SPRSUN Self-made Controller Series of R32 Inverter Heat pumps are designed to make life more comfortable. With a CAREL heat pump, you can enjoy hot water, cooling, and heating. It delivers up to 95% energy efficiency. Other features include,

Five inches Colorful Touch Screen

This is perfect for controlling the temperature. But, Couple it with the smart and easy-to-read interface, and you’ll be able to check dysfunctional codes. As a result, you can set the device precisely.

-30-degree Celsius EVI extreme temperature mode

Sprsun 22 WATTS R32 combines greenR32 refrigerant heat and Evaporator injection heat.   It is, therefore, able to boil water to  60°C, while the inverter technology keeps it running at -30-degree Celcius.

ERP A+++ Performance

The new R32 Inverter 22 watts Heat Pumps heating capabilities are 9.5KILOWATTS to 22 KILOWATTS. Besides, it has a COP of 5.89

Noise Reduction

The device has Compressors from Panasonic rotors and NIDEC inverter blades. Thus, the units operate softly with a noise range of 56dB(A)

Ingenious Defrosting

With the PID smart reheating controller, Once the defrosting needs are fulfilled, the defrosting mode is immediately initiated to avoid power wastage.

The blue way Low-Temperature EVI Split Heat Pump

The split EVI heat pump can be used to provide your home with heated air and how water. Its scope for ambient temperature is 25DC to 43DC. On the other hand, its -20DC is best suited for extreme weather.

In conjunction with  EVI, its capable of higher heating from low vapor temperatures. Additionally, it uses a secondary heating configuration which aids heating in the coldest seasons. This optimization helps it work efficiently, producing heated water of 60 degrees Celsius.

Other features include the 14kW, 27kW, 41kW, 49kW, and 95kw heating ranges. On the outside, it’s silver welded to prevent refrigerant leakage. You also get a smart control with an LCD screen. Its electronic expansion valve technology gives it a better COP, running reliability, and a longer-lasting compressor. Additionally, the blue-way heat exchanger plate further increases the efficiency of the entire heat pump. And when coupled with the DC power efficiency, it saves about 30% energy per year.

As for the defrost mode, it’s automated with a reversible valve. Fit it for floor heating coils or modern radiators, and you are good to go. Besides, when the temperatures get extreme, you should expect it to work at -20 degrees Celsius. Lastly, the blue-way EVI heat pump runs with either R417a or R407c, and you have the option of a galvanized cabinet.

How are SPRSUN low temperature heat pumps better than blue-way EVI heat pumps?

22 WATTS R32 heat pump from SPRSUN is better as it is fitted with noise reduction features. The Panasonic compressors and NIDEC inverter brushless fans make the noise level 56dB(A). But, the blue-way Low-Temperature EVI Split Heat Pump is noisy. It’s only better than traditional heat pumps due to the DC inverter, which minimizes start-up noise.

The blue way Low-Temperature EVI Split Heat Pump also runs on R410A. Compared to the R32 used in the Sprsun heat pump, R410A is  20 % less efficient. Also, the R410A requires bigger pipes, making the blue-way heat pump bulky.

Lastly, while the 22 WATTS R32 heat pumps from Prasun run at -30-degree Celsius, the Blue way split heat pump maximum is -25 degrees Celsius. It’s therefore not well suited for extreme weather as the Sprsun R32 22 watts.

Retrospectively, innovations in heat pumps never cease. From the DC inverter to the EVI, and now with the combination of these, to the introduction of the smart screens, automatic defrost, and efficient refrigerant. While you may be on track to getting the best heat pump, beware, there are best among the best. It’s all up to you as a buyer to get the right one. This guide just made that look easier with the SPRSUN low temperature heat pump.


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