Books That Will Keep You Busy Long After You Finished Them

Books That Will Keep You Busy Long After You Finished Them

Looking for your new favorite book that changes something deep inside you? Maybe one of these novels is for you.

Books can entertain us, inform us, or just make us feel good, like playing But some works engage us long after we’ve finished reading them and trigger entirely new trains of thought. They can change our view of the world – or at least parts of it – and redirect our gaze entirely.


“To Paradise” by Hanya Yanagihara.

In 2015, Hanya Yanagihara made a big breakthrough with her novel “A Little Life,” about four friends and their story. Her new novel

“To Paradise”

is in no way inferior to the US author’s first major success. The story is set in three sections in three centuries and explores the question of how a social utopia can develop.

In this parallel world, people can marry the same sex as early as 1893 – at least in one part of America. That’s because it’s divided into several states, some of which are liberal and allow marriage for all, others not. But that doesn’t mean there’s no discrimination at all – unfortunately, that’s true even in the liberal areas.

Over the centuries, this utopian version of the U.S. evolves into a totalitarian-controlled state that is plagued by epidemics. Excitingly, Hanya Yanagihara started this book before the Corona pandemic, so the idea came to her long before lockdowns and debated mandatory vaccinations.

“To Paradise” raises many exciting questions: How free can we really be, and do the utopian paradises promised deliver? Can a society, especially an American one with its history, ever be free of racism and discrimination? And: What is a government allowed to do?

“Me and the People” by Matt Haig

Matt Haig writes smart, funny, and sometimes sad books that are often about mental health and being human itself. Such is the case in the novel

“Me and the Humans”

, in which an alien is sent to Earth for a dark mission and is at first anything but enthusiastic about the human species. He finds them primitive, stupid and selfish. But little by little he gets to know the good sides of humans and makes friends with them. Matt Haig succeeds in creating an entertaining and very wise look at us and our way of life.

The novel is thought-provoking – about what makes us human, what goes wrong on earth, and what makes life worth living anyway.

Mathew Vincent
Mathew Vincent is an art historian with a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford who has enriched various readers with cultural insights since 2017. His experience includes curating exhibitions in prestigious galleries across Europe and the Americas. Mathew's passion for art transcends into his writing, where he explores the intersection of contemporary art and societal trends. His expertise ranges from Renaissance to modern art. In his leisure time, he enjoys painting and exploring archaeological sites, constantly seeking inspiration for his next piece.

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