Beautiful Log Cabins That Truly Take Your Breath Away

Beautiful Log Cabins That Truly Take Your Breath Away

Log cabins can be the way of luxury if you get what you want and it’s fitted with everything you need. You need to do your homework first before coming to a final decision of course, as you want not only the best for your buck but something that’s worthwhile for you and your family.

If you’re looking into purchasing your very own log cabin, like from Leisure Buildings, then this article is definitely something you need to read, so you can learn more about the lifespan of log cabins, their benefits of them, and whether insulating them is worth it or not.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Log Cabin?

Log cabins have been known to last for many years, especially when you treat the building with respect and look after it as needed when needed. As long as regular maintenance is being kept up and any repairs needed are fixed promptly then you will be fine.

Log cabins are the type of structures that can last around 60 years and sometimes more, a century even. But this is only if, as mentioned prior, you follow a maintenance schedule frequently to avoid any damages or long-term issues.

Sometimes log cabins can last an entire century and slightly more if proper care and precautions are taken. This does depend though on the type of wood that is used for the log cabin, where it is made, who it is made by, how well it’s made, if there is any possible future or current weather damage, such as flooding or storms, that might affect it, etc.

Another variable to consider what the lifespan of your log cabin is its overall structure and how it was built. If it is a sound and solid structure and is able to withstand harsh conditions that match where you live, then your log cabin will last longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Log Cabins?

One of the best things about log cabins is how they’re not just beautifully made and well designed, but they are resilient to respective weather conditions and related elements. Things like the ability to save energy and being overall environmentally friendly is one of a log cabin’s top qualities.

Log cabins give you the option to have a sort of private retreat in a sense. Not only are you fully capable of privacy and space to yourself, and possibly your family too, but you won’t need to deal with as many things as you usually would when living in a house.

If you’re wanting life in a log cabin that is beautiful in design and has a certain aesthetic to it, you’re more than likely going to run into what you’re wanting because of the vast amount of options and creative styles it has.

No matter how old your log cabin gets, the resale value of log cabins is incredibly well put together. They can also often increase over time and can be higher than regular homes depending on how well looked after it has been. It is an amazing long-term investment for sure!

Since global warming is becoming more and more of an issue, it’s great that a lot of log cabins are insulated, and it can be such a lifesaver to have such a quality as this because of the temperature changes that we’re facing, which brings us to our next topic.

Are Insulated Log Cabins Worth It?

As mentioned prior, log cabins that are insulated are 100% worth purchasing and having when you’re thinking about getting one. They can be a massive lifesaver, especially when it comes to your wallet and electricity expenses.

During the summer, when it is hot and everything is sweltering, insulation keeps the log cabin cool, and at a regular temperature. Whilst during the winter, when it is freezing cold, the insulation keeps the cabin warm. Ideally, thanks to insulation, the temperature of log cabins stays the same, or at that ‘just right’ feeling, at all times.

Even though the logs in a log cabin are designed to absorb heat during the day when it is even just slightly warm, insulation is how you’re able to keep the temperature stable and be sure that any temperature inside doesn’t escape outside, or the temperature from outside doesn’t make its way in when you don’t want it to. Without insulation, your log cabin will have cavities, meaning any temperature inside will escape with ease.

Having an insulated log cabin allows you to be able to cut back on energy and electricity bills because you won’t be needing a heater turned on at all times, or an AC. This applies especially if your floor has insulation as well, not just the walls and ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Log cabins can last for extremely long periods of time, especially when they are well-maintained and looked after. As long as the cabin is situated to fit the conditions it’s going to be faced with, you will be more than fine.

Owning a log cabin, especially one that is insulated, like from Leisure Buildings, is a total must, especially if you’re wanting to get some privacy away from others, needing your own little space, or simply want to have a building that is beautifully designed, and sold at a later date.

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