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Can You Use A Smart Plug With A TV

Can You Use A Smart Plug With A TV

Smart plugs make your everyday devices more intelligent than they were before. But can you use a smart plug with a TV? The answer is Yes! You can use A smart plug with A TV. Not only TVs, but Smart plugs can also be used with any type of electronic device such as garage doors, lights, water purifiers, coffee machines, etc.

You just need to make sure that the device should not exceed the maximum energy capacity of the smart plug. To use the smart plug with your TV, you need to make sure that TV always needs to be on. It will be useless to use a smart plug with your TV if you turn it off. But before we know how to use the smart plugs with a TV, let’s know about smart plugs and its workings.

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are a cheaper way to change your ordinary home devices into smart home devices. They can be used with any devices to automatically turn off and on with the help of your smartphone. In reality, the smart plugs look similar to a wall outlet. You just need to plug them into an existing socket.

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How Smart Plugs Work?

Smart Plug

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To use the smart plug, you need to plug it into the existing power socket. It has plugs of its own, the only difference in regular plug and smart plug is the advanced technology that is hidden underneath. Every smart plug required its smartphone app to be able to function correctly. With the help of that smartphone app, the user will be able to turn off and on the power supply of the devices that were connected with the smart plug.

Ultimately smart plug makes your devices more intelligent than they were before. You can connect as many smart plugs as you can within a single app. All you need is the same brand’s smart plug so that they can pair with the same app. Suppose you are coming home with your car and parking it in the garage, and you need to step out from your car to turn on the power switch of the garage door.

However, with the help of a smart plug, you can open the garage door from the comfort of your car seat, and you don’t need to step out of your car. In simple words, a garage door that previously required manual operation can turn itself open without any human interaction—all you need to push the power button withing the smart plugs android app. Not only the garage door, but you can also use the smart plug with any devices that you want to control remotely with your smartphone.

No matter you are at the office or out of town, you can control any device which is connected with a smart plug with the help of the corresponding smartphone app. On the advanced side, smart plugs come with a scheduling function that allows you to set a timer for each device. All you need is set the timer to turn off and off the device, and the smart plug will turn on the device on the exact time and turn off once the time gets completed.

You don’t need to open the app every time to control the device manually. Just set the schedule once and forget. The scheduling features can be used with many devices such as lights, garden pumps, coffee machines, etc. The popularity of smart plugs is increasing day by day due to the vast amount of convenient features. Currently, there are 100s of brands that providing smart plugs. You can use any good brand smart plug to save money in your electricity bills.

How To Use Smart Plug With A TV?

You might be wondering how to use smart plugs? Is there anything else to do before using smart plugs? Here is how one can use the smart plug with s TV.

  1. First of all, plug the smart plug into the existing socket.
  2. Now plug the power adapter of the TV into your smart plug.
  3. After that download, the Smart Plug App into your smartphone and connect the Smart Plug to Wi-Fi.
  4. Now configure & enable it in the app so that it can start functioning.
  5. Lastly, check the wattage meets the specifications of the Smart Plug before using any device with it.

By following the above method, you can start using your smart plug with your TV or another device. Just change the power adapter of the TV with other devices or buy another smart plug to use other devices.

How To Use Smart Plug With Alexa To Turn On Your TV

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Using smart plugs to turn off and on your devices looks smart, but what if you will be able to do this without touching anything, not even your smartphone. It is possible if your smart plug is Alexa or voice assistant compatible. You just need to connect it with Alexa, and you will be able to turn on your TV with your voice commands. Here how to do that-

  1. Download the Alexa App on your smartphone.
  2. Now click on the Hamburger menu of the top left corner.
  3. After that, select the Skill & Games from the drop-down menu.
  4. Hit the search button and Type Smart Plug Skill in it.
  5. After finding the Smart Plug, skill clicks on the “Enable to use” button to add the skill to your Alexa devices.
  6. Now enter the required details, and you are ready to use the smart plug with your Alexa.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Smart Plugs


  • You can control your appliances over voice command with the help of Alexa and Google Home Mini.
  • Smart plugs allow you to set schedules for various functions.
  • You are allowed to remotely turn off and on the device from anywhere around the world.
  • No more need to press the power switch just use smartphone or voice command for that.
  • Smart Plugs convert your ordinary house or apartment into a smart house.


  • You can not use more than one device with one smart plug if you want to control them alternatively.
  • You need separate smart plugs to control each device, which can be costly for budget users.
  • You need to have a running Wi-Fi connection in your house to use the smart plug with your devices.
  • You can not use those devices which required more power compared to the plug’s maximum power capacity.
  • To use the device with a smart plug, you always have to let it turned on.

What Are The Alternative To Turn On Your TV

Get Yourself A Smart TV

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Smart TV is the best option if you want to turn on your TV automatically. Some Smart TVs come with a schedule option that gives you the ability to turn on and off your TV automatically. Not only this, but some of the Smart TV also comes with voice recognition technology, which lets your control your Smart TV over voice. You can check the features on the manufacturer’s site contact their customer support to know more about it.

Harmony Hub With Alexa Enabled

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Harmony hub is the new Smart TV remote technology. It is an Alexa compatible device that lets you control your Smart TV with Alexa over voice. In terms of features, it is far better than the smart plug. Smart plug only lets you turn on the TV, but Harmony hub offers more than that which you can’t ignore for sure.

  • Turn On The TV
  • Increase the Volume
  • Mute the TV
  • Change the channel to Discovery.

Checkout detailed article on Harmony official website

Google Home With Chromecast

If you want to turn on your TV automatically, then you need the following devices-

  • Chromecast
  • Google Home

You can connect your TV with Google Chromecast and control all of the features with google home Mini over Voice. You can also use your smartphone to control the TV with your fingertips. You will be able to turn On/Off, Change the channel, schedule timing, control volume, and much more with Google Home and Chromecast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use Two Or More Devices With A Single Smart Plug?

You could use two devices with a single, smart plug only if they required less power than plug’s maximum power capacity. Also, you can not turn off and on both devices alternatively. Either they will On or Off. We suggest you use separate smart plugs for each device.

Is Smart Plug is A Good Choice For Expensive Electronics Safety?

As per our research, Yes, Buying a smart plug is the best choice for your Expensive Electronics. You can control your devices with your mobile phone while sitting on the couch, and All of the smart plugs come with auto power cut feature to keep your device safe from overpower.

How Much A Smart Plug Costs?

It is hard to say how much smart plug costs. There are various models and types of plug available in the market with a variety of features and characteristics. The price range of the smart plug is anywhere from $20 to $50 each.

What Is Required For Smart Plug Use?

To use the smart plug device always must be turned on all the time. If you turn off the device manually, then the smart plug will be useless. Apart from this, you need 24 hours working Wi-Fi connection in your house so that your smart plug can work. Many people went out of their house and turned off the Wi-Fi connection at that time. To use the Smart Plug, you must have to open the internet connection all the time.


This is the article about how you control your TV with a Smart Plug. We covered this topic form all of the aspects. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends or if you have any queries or suggestions leave a comment below we will contact you as soon as possible.

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