Homeowners do not often inspect crawl spaces. This does not guarantee that the area is clean because crawl spaces can be easily invaded by pests. It is a perfect spot for animals to dwell as people do not visit the place frequently.

Pests may treat the area as their home. Some of the animals also have the bad habit of bringing pieces of stuff into the crawl space just to turn them into waste. This will leave an awful smell together with the animal’s urine and feces all over the place.

Therefore, neglecting to check the area from time to time will surprise you with greater damage. Animal waste will have an impact on your health if not properly disposed of and cleaned. Hiring professional cleaners is a wise decision for they know the right ways to eliminate animal waste.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Method For Crawl Spaces

A contaminated crawl space can put lives at extreme risk if ignored for a long time. Calling crawl space sewage cleaners would benefit a household a lot. They assure a faster and less hassle way of removing all the dirt in crawl spaces with tools and equipment suitable for such cleaning needs.

Here is a step-by-step process of how crawl spaces will look neat and hygienic once again:

1. Inspect the Crawl Spaces

Monitoring the area’s condition is the first step to identifying what kind of waste you have to deal with. Bring a flashlight to have a clear vision as you look around the area. Begin at the back toward the way out not to miss out on anything.

A thorough inspection is necessary, which means focusing on the ground is not enough without checking the ceiling and secluded areas.

Take note of the damages you will encounter during the inspection. It might include damage to the ductwork and other wood pieces.

Moreover, discover the spots that hold a foul odor due to the urine and feces of animals. This could also cause a moisture barrier that easily destroys wood materials.

2. Wear Protective Clothes

It is mentioned how dangerous animal waste is, so wearing a proper suit really matters. This will protect you from possible diseases you can get from animal waste and also from excessive dirt around the area. You should also wear durable gloves as most dirt in crawl spaces is highly contaminated.

A respirator is an important apparatus to bring when cleaning a contaminated area. It will help you breathe, despite the foul odor in the surrounding.

3. Empty the Crawl Area

This is the beginning and also the most challenging part of cleaning a crawl space. First, see if the insulation is tainted, which obviously is. Start by pulling down all the contaminated debris to the ground toward the entrance and disposing of it properly. Professional cleaners use a special bag to prevent any cases of disease caused by the collected waste.

4. Brush Off Feces

Most pests leave stinky wastes in crawl areas that should be eliminated fully. They are usually found in HVAC ducts and other hidden surfaces. Professional cleaners often sanitize the area with a special solution to eradicate the bad odor. Scrub the floor and make sure there is nothing left.

5. Clean the Moisture Barrier

This is the area where plastic containers can be stuck. Once the insulation is emptied, the next thing to do is to check on the moisture barrier. Remove all the pieces that you think are degrading the area, such as plastic materials. Pull them all out of the ground and make sure not to leave even a single piece.

6. Find the Critters

Now that you have removed everything in the crawl area, it is easier to find out where the critters are. You should turn off the lights as you go under the crawl space. No worries as the sunlight will be enough to light up your way.

Critters and other tiny animals may be residing in isolated zones, like small holes. Bring with you a sealing tool to cover up any suspected areas where critters live. Some homeowners prefer putting on a spray foam to kill the critters right away. There is some danger to homeowners using spray foams like that without any training, because these are dangerous chemicals. An emergency pest control London expert would be trained to use any chemicals or deterrents needed to prevent further access by critters.

7. Disinfect

Buy a microbial formula to deodorize the crawl area after all the cleaning procedures. It will additionally kill germs and pests. Additionally, a pump sprayer is an effective tool to control the odor in isolated spaces. It also treats any beam damage in the crawl area with less effort needed.

8. Constantly Monitor The Crawl Space

Aftercare is required if you want to keep the crawl space clean throughout the year. Homeowners should monitor the sealed areas weekly as pests are very smart creatures that can easily find a way out.

It is also advised to replace the moisture barrier with more durable plastic materials available in stores. Secure the new barrier with insulation rods for a better outcome.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, cleaning a crawl space is not that easy. The risk of contamination is high and could impact human health big time.

Plus, the odor in that place is so frustrating and a simple cleaning method would not work to eliminate the foul odor and all the dirt. The best way to keep crawl spaces clean is to hire a professional cleaner who has the skills and complete tools to turn a contaminated area out for good.

Lastly, dealing with the pests is an additional struggle for homeowners doing the cleaning alone.


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