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How to Clean a Suede Couch


Suede furniture is a luxurious and unique addition to any home, but it can be challenging to keep clean. In this blog post, we will outline some simple steps that you can take to remove stains from your suede couch. Whether you’ve spilled a glass of red wine or the kids tracked mud on the cushions, the tips in this article will help you restore your sofa and make your home look professionally designed. Keep reading to become an expert on cleaning suede couches.

What Type of Suede Do You Have?

Whether you’re taking on a spring cleaning project or getting ready for an open house, keeping your suede couch clean is a must.

Before you start cleaning your suede couch, it’s essential to understand what type of suede it is. There are two types of suede: natural suede and microfiber suede.

Natural suede is the more delicate of the two. It’s made from specially treated animal hide and can be easily damaged if not cleaned correctly.

People who own microfiber suede couches have a bit more leeway for cleaning and maintenance.

But how can you know which type you have?

Sometimes you can tell just by looking. Animal-hide suede usually appears slightly fuzzed, and you can see the pores of the leather.

Couches upholstered with microfiber suede have tight-knit fibers that are barely visible until you get up close.

The most significant difference between cleaning each type of suede is that you cannot use water-based cleaners for suede. While water is fine for synthetic suede, it can stain natural suede. If you know your couch is authentic suede, opt for vinegar or alcohol-based cleaners.

If you don’t know what type of material your couch is, you can look for the furniture cleaning codes on the product tag.

If your couch has the Code W, it can be cleaned with water and is most likely synthetic suede.

If your couch carries Code S, Code S-W, or Code X, it’s probably animal suede and will most likely require special cleaning agents.

Start With a Thorough Vacuuming

Regardless of what type of suede you have, you’ll need to start the process with a thorough vacuum. Use the upholstery attachment to remove any dirt, dust, or crumbs trapped in the fibers. If you don’t have an attachment, you can use a handheld vacuum. Just be careful not to press too hard, or you could damage the fabric.

Make vacuuming your suede couch a part of your weekly routine. You might not be able to see the dirt, but letting it pile up on your suede couch increases your risk of scratching the material.

Target The Stains

Once you’ve cleared away the dust, dirt, and debris, you’re ready to hone in on any stains. Not all stains are created equal. Each type of stain on suede may require unique cleaning practices.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Suede

If you spill red wine on your suede couch, you need to act fast. The longer the wine sits, the harder it will be to remove.

First, blot up as much liquid as possible with a clean cloth. Do not rub the stain, as this will only spread it and make it harder to treat later. Next, apply the recommended amount of your on-hand suede cleaning solution.

If you don’t have any, you can apply a small amount of white vinegar to the couch with a clean towel or a spray bottle. The elevated pH will break down the wine and remove the color.

Once removing the stain, use a fan or hairdryer to complete the drying process.

How to Get Pet Stains Out of Suede Couch

Whether you have a cat or a dog, they’ve left their mark on your suede couch at some point. Pet stains can be tough to get out of, but it’s essential to treat them immediately. Like wine, the longer they sit, the more difficult they’ll be to remove.

Follow the same cleaning steps you would for red wine. After, if you still need to get the urine smell out of your suede couch, you can sprinkle baby powder or baking soda on the stained area.

How to Get Sticky Stains Out of Suede

Sticky stains are notoriously difficult to remove. If your suede couch has been victim to candy, gum, or any other sticky mess, you’ll need to take special care when cleaning it. The last thing you want is to make the stain worse by rubbing it too much.

Use a dull knife or spoon to scrape away as much of the sticky substance as possible. Once you’ve removed the excess, apply the recommended amount of your preferred suede cleaning solution or white vinegar to the stained area.

Let it sit for a few minutes so it can break down the sticky residue. Finally, use a brush to scrub the area in small, circular motions. Once the stain has been removed, apply a suede wax to the area to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Your Suede Furniture Can Be Easy

Accidents happen, and when they do, you’ll want to be armed with the correct information on cleaning a suede couch. By following the steps outlined above for different types of stains, you can clean up most messes. Remember to always test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stained section of your suede couch. And if everything goes wrong and your suede couch becomes ruined, don’t worry! You can always call a professional cleaner to help restore your furniture to its original condition.

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